Q & A With Lance Goulbourne

While down in Akron, OH for the Lebron James U.S. Skills Academy last weekend, GoBlueWolverine had a chance to sit down and chat with 2008 Michigan target Lance Goulbourne. The Garden State forward updated us on his recruitment, detailing the schools on his list, the important factors in his decision, his timetable, and more.

Lance Goulbourne Profile

What schools are considering currently?

"Vanderbilt, Rutgers, Marquette, Georgetown, Wake Forest, West Virginian, Michigan, Northwestern, and St Joes."

So you're sill considering Michigan?

"Definitely.  I'm still considering them.  Michigan offers a great education.  It's a little bit farther from home, but they're also in a great conference and have a great coach.  When he was at West Virginia he was recruiting me there.  So I think I would comfortable there.  They're in the picture.  They're definitely in the picture."

What Coach from Michigan is recruiting you?

"Coach Beilein."

When is the last time you talked to Michigan?

"Right before the camp."

What are your thoughts on the home school, Rutgers?

"I think it's a good situation.  I think I could make a good impact there early on.  It's close to home, which is a good thing for me.  My parents can see me play.  It's a good education, and that's another thing I'm looking for.  It's a good situation, but I have to weigh my options and see."

Did you look at the Lebron camp as an opportunity to impress more coaches?

"Sort of, but I already know the guys that have been recruiting me for a while now and I feel like those are the schools I feel comfortable with now.  I think I can show my talents here and have more coaches come at me, but it depends on the school and what I'm looking for.  But I think I'm going to stick to what I have now."

Are you looking to narrow your list down any by the end of the summer?

"Yeah… probably to three or four because I want to take three or four visits in September and then make a decision in October."

How would you assess your performance at this camp?

"I think I've played pretty well except for (the first day).  I didn't do too well.  I missed two dunks almost back to back and I wasn't too happy.  After that I started playing well, doing little things to try to get myself into the game whether it was scoring, rebounding, passing, steals, everything.  I just try to do anything I can."

What are going to be the most significant factors in your choice?

"Academics, being able to play right away and have an impact, and the size of the school.  I've been in private school since the sixth grade, so I don't think I want a huge school.  It would be a tough transition.  I also want a good coaching staff that would help develop my game and hopefully get me to the next level."

For people that haven't seen you play, describe your game.

"I think I can do a lot of things.  I'm long, so I can guard a four.  I'm quick so I can guard a two or a three.  I like to shoot the ball from the outside…I have pretty good touch.  I'm fast so I can get by you.  I'm pretty athletic also, so I can get above the rim.  I can do a lot of things…rebound because I'm so long.  "

What are some of the things you think you need to improve on?

"I need to improve my ball handling.  I've gotten a lot better from earlier on.  Just being more confident with the ball and decision making."

You play tennis at the Hun School too.  Does that mean you don't play hoops in the spring?

"I do.  I have practice and or a match, and then at night I usually get some (hoop) time in"

So do you like to serve and volley or do you stay back?

"I do everything.  I'm an all around player."

Who is your favorite tennis player?

"Roger Federer.  You can't not like him.  He's just amazing."

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