Has Koger Made his Decision?

Toledo (OH) Whitmer TE/DE Kevin Koger made two more visits to favorites Michigan and Ohio State this past week with hopes of getting closer to a decision. GoBlueWolverine caught up with him early Sunday afternoon to get the latest. Has he settled in on a choice?

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“No, I didn’t make it yet,” said Koger. “I don’t know when I’ll make it. It’s all about feeling. I don’t really know right now.”

Koger was accompanied on the trips by both of his parents this time around, giving his mother an opportunity to see both programs for the first time. After an enjoyable time in Columbus, Mr. Koger said the time at Michigan was similarly impressive.

“Everything was good,” Mr. Koger said of his family’s visit to Ann Arbor. “Kevin got a chance to interact with the players, and that was good. I was looking at other stuff while he did that. I had my wife with me and she had never been there. She wanted to talk to the academic counselor. We went ahead and did different stuff like that while he went off with the players to lunch and stuff like that. I know he was with some players but I haven’t asked him who yet.”

The Koger’s planned for the trips this past week to bring the process closer to its conclusion, but it appears that the talented youngster is still legitimately torn.

“Yeah he is,” Mr. Koger admitted. “He is still pondering (which school to go to), so it’s got to be even. When he sits down and decides which one he feels like will be the best fit for him, we’re still going to sit down, before he makes an announcement, and talk about it.”

“As far as I know, that’s it (for visits),” Mr. Koger continued. “But if he comes to me and says hey I want to go to this place or that place one more time, I’m down with it.”

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Koger in the days to come.

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