Photo Gallery: 2007 Wolverine All Stars

GoBlueWolverine's photo recap of 2007 Michigan High School All Star game which featured future Wolverines Martell Webb, Ryan VanBergen, and James Rogers.

James Rogers

Rogers comes up for the tackle

Ryan Van Bergen

Van Bergen lays down the block at fullback

Van Begern beats beats his man

Martell Webb and James Rogers

Martell Webb goes over the play with future Big Ten foes James Stallons and Mark Dell

Martell Webb

Juuuuust out of reach!

webb goes out to block

Webb runs a square in with the DB interfering

The DB goes for the break-up

Webb hauls in the pass with the defender draped on his back

Two more defenders come to help out as Webb breaks the first tackle...

Webb breaks two more tackles...

and down the field he goes...

The DB prevents a TD by hanging on to Webbs jersey for dear life


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