Ten Questions with Fred Smith

Decision day is nearing for Detroit Southeastern wideout Fred Smith. Recently he sat down with GoBlueWolverine to discuss some of the factors he is considering as he gets closer and closer to settling on a choice.

Have you paid attention to who will be throwing you the ball at each school, and is that a big factor in your decision?

“Of course that’s a big factor in the decision. You can have the greatest moves of all time and if nobody can get you the ball you can’t do nothing.”

“At Michigan it would be Ryan Mallett. At Michigan State, the first year it would be a senior … I’m trying to think of his name. Awwww man … the senior quarterback. You know his name (laughing)!”

Brian Hoyer?

“Yeah, Brian Hoyer. Then after him it would be a freshman that’s coming in this year from down south. He’d be a sophomore when I got there if I was to go.”

Is wearing the #1 jersey a big deal for you?

“Not really. It’s just something to throw in there. I’ve worn #1 my whole life, so it is something to put in there.”

How about the style of offense? How much will that weigh in your choice?

“It’s a factor. At Michigan State the coach told me they like to play to they’re strengths. They like to have a balanced offense, but they also like to play to their strengths. They said they would like to pass the ball but they have to have people that can get the ball. You just can’t be passing to anybody.”

“At Michigan, they always get their receivers the ball. They say they can see me being a big strong receiver like Braylon.”

Are you looking to start right away?

“Michigan State talks to me about being a franchise receiver. I want to be a contributor and be the best I can be. If that’s right away … that’s fine.”

Is the recruiting class you go in with a big deal?

“Oh yeah. I want to have a good senior class. I want to come in with a good solid recruiting class that can win and be consistent.”

Your teammate Charles Burrell is going to Michigan State and you’ve mentioned that you know a lot of the guys they’re recruiting. Do you know any of the guys in Michigan’s class or guys they’re recruiting?

“I’ve talk to Boubacar Cissoko, but I don’t really know him. We’ve had words before. I've talked to Nick Perry before, but I don't really know him either.”

It’s looking like a decision in July is not going to happen. How much longer do you think you’re going to go?

"I know I'll make my decision before my season starts. I've clearly made sure it is going to be over before the season starts."

So if you had to ball park when you’ll visit Michigan, when do you think it would be?

"I'll visit Michigan later … sometime in the next month. In probably a good two or three weeks, I'll visit Michigan."

And you were saying that you’re pretty sure that you’ll take that last Michigan visit before you announce?

"I'm pretty sure. No, I'm positive."

What is it that separates one school from another for you right now?

“I’d have to say forming a closer bond.”

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