Gray Planning Michigan Visit

Detroit Country Day tailback Jonas Gray has made the rounds this summer, trekking to far away campuses like UCLA and Nebraska. Now that he summer is winding down, he is planning a few visits closer to home… including one right up the road at the University of Michigan. Has his leaderboard changed?

Things have picked up significantly on the recruiting front for Detroit Country tailback Jonas Gray in recent weeks. Already a coveted recruit heading into the month of June, a number of schools intensified their recruiting efforts after a display of blistering speed at Michigan’s Summer Technique school. The Wolverines certainly saw enough in that 4.37 forty-time to step forth with an offer as an athlete, a move that would allow him the opportunity to start out at running back, but provide flexibility should his talents be of greater benefit elsewhere.

“Fred Jackson is starting talking to me,” Gray said regarding Michigan’s running backs coach. “Coach Moeller is my recruiter, but I think Coach Jackson might be taking it over a little bit because I haven’t heard as much from Coach Moeller lately. Basically what (Coach Jackson) said to me was that I’m from the state of Michigan and that Michigan is a great school. He said that I would be playing under great coaches there, that it would be a great situation for me, and that my mom would get a chance to see me play.”

Much of the discussion has also centered on getting Gray back on campus for the first time since he participated in the camp in late June.

“I haven’t gotten (the visit) finalized yet,” said Gray. “It’s probably going to happen before the end of the summer. Michigan is just down the road, so it should happen. There isn’t any reason why it shouldn’t. I think it will probably happen early next month.”

“I’m going to try to visit Minnesota too,” he continued. “I’m going to try to get there before the end of August. I’m also going to try to get to Iowa. Iowa is kind of on the way to Minnesota, so that wouldn’t be too bad.”

This latest rung of visits comes on the heels of an impressive road trip to Lincoln, Nebraska to check in on the Cornhuskers. Prior to that trek the versatile youngster announced a list of favorites that had the Michigan State Spartans at the top. At this point, however, Gray is re-thinking that just a bit.

“I think it has (changed) in the sense where everybody is even,” Gray said. “I haven’t sat down like I wanted to and really reflected on it yet. That’s one of the things I’m going to do now. I leave for Costa Rica on Sunday (yesterday…July 22nd) and I don’t come back until the 30th. No coaches can contact me. I’ll be able to sit down and just reflect on everything that is going on in recruiting.”

While Gray won’t be speaking with coaches about his recruitment in the coming days, he will be discussing it with his friends. One such friend is McKees Rock, PA FB/LB Christian Wilson.

“We talk almost every week,” said Gray. “We got to know each other at the Army combine. Then I saw him on a few visits. We’re looking at some of the same schools. He is trying to talk to me about Michigan. We’ve both been to Michigan and we’ve just been trying to compare how we both feel about it. We also talk about how we feel about other schools. We just have general conversations…not always about recruiting. But I think he is tries to recruit me to Michigan and I try to recruit him here and there. Overall we just talk about what we like about the schools. I’m sure we’ll be talking again pretty soon.”

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