VA WR Deion Walker Drops In On U-M

Christchurch, Virginia's Deion Walker is's #48 prospect. Walker has been making a lot of unofficial visits over the spring ans summer -- but his trip to Michigan Tuesday, he told GoBlueWolverine Tuesday evening, made quite an impression.

GoBlueWolverine spoke Monday evening to wide receiver Deion Walker (6-3, 185).

"I just woke up from a nap -- my dad and I got up at 4 AM this morning and flew to Detroit."

Tell us about your visit to Michigan today.

"It went really well."

"We arrived in Ann Arbor around 11 AM. We first took a broad tour of the campus."

"Then we met with Coach Carr."

"Then there was a serious tour, the academic part."

"After that I met with the strength coach, Coach Gillteson, and got in the weight room."

"Then I met with all the Michigan coaches, especially with Coach Campbell who is the wide receivers coach and my recruiting coordinator (Campbell is U-M's Virginia's recruiter)."

"Then we got the see the Big House, and the locker rooms."

"I got to talk with a lot of the players."

"It was a great visit."

"Michigan is in the top 3-5 in country in almost every academic department ... it's like the Ivy League academically."

Where do you go next on this trip?

"From here we go to Notre Dame and Nebraska, then we come back here and fly home."

Will you visit Michigan again on your way back?

"Yeah -- we plan to."

As you narrow down your schools, will Michigan be one of your official visits?

"For sure!"

Any other schools you plan to take officials to?

"Yeah. Besides Michigan, Penn State. Florida State. And LSU."

Those official visits may be during the season.

Are you going to take any other visits this summer?

"Yes, to the West Coast, to USC."

You'd also talked about visiting the Texas schools? Or Oklahoma?

"That is a possibility ... but I'm not sure ..."

Walker has already made a lot of unofficial visits: to PSU, Tennessee, Wake Forest, NC-State, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Auburn and South Carolina ... when asked for others he said, "I've been to all the ACC schools except BC and Virginia Tech."

Is going to college close or far from home a factor?

"Location doesn't really matter ... my parents are willing to move move close to wherever I go so they can come to my games."

Walker finished his junior season with 47 receptions for 732 yards and eight touchdowns. Defensively, he had 31 tackles and eight interceptions.

He benches 220 pounds, squats 435 and has a 37-inch vertical jump.

Walker reports a 3.2 core GPA and a 21 ACT.

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