Sam McGuffie: "No One Else Was Close."

Michigan's 12th commitment fills GoBlueWolverine in: what school finished second, and was it close? What about the Army or ESPN postseason All-Star games? What about possibly graduating early? And -- what about talking to other U-M recruits!

Post-commitment interview: GoBlueWolverine with Sam McGuffie.

You had five hats on the table last night at your announcement. Did you really give serious consideration to any of the other four schools (Notre Dame, USC, Florida, Texas A&M)?

"No, not really. Michigan was my choice, and the others were all pretty much the same ... it wasn't close."

You said that your Michigan visit 'did it' for you ... but you then came home and visited Texas A&M twice in the last couple weeks that we know of ...

"I like Texas A&M. They finished second, although it wasn't close. But I didn't go there because of recruiting those times. I wasn't looking at A&M when I was there. There were just guys there that I know, Texas players, and I had fun throwing the ball around and that kind of thing. But as far as picking them -- no."

"Texas A&M is just near my house, and so I went there. I guess I can see where that might've looked like I was still looking at them, but I wasn't."

"Texas A&M finished second for me, and there are no hard feelings."

Then McGuffie changed the subject ...

"Hey, I've already talked to Fred Smith and Christian Wilson today."

"Fred -- I just told him that that was a second-tier school he was looking at in Michigan State! Why would he want to go there -- when Michigan is the school that wins in football! It was just in good fun."

"And Christian -- he seems to like Michigan."

Have you been invited to either of the postseason All Star Games -- the Army Game, or the ESPN game?

"Yes, both have invited me. I'm going to play in the Army Game. I was talking to Tom Lemming ... he said he was going to rank me as one of the Top Ten players in the country."

"I'm going to do something in that game ... catch a TD pass, or run for a touchdown ... I'll do something ..."

"I want to put myself up against the other backs ..."

Have you given any thought to graduating early?

"Coach Jackson and I have talked about it. He said he'd like me to, but not because it'd help me get on the field. He said I could wait until summer. But he said that if I came early we could start building the flavor, the mood ... of us young guys. I could see that -- I'm quiet to talk to, but with football I get pretty crazy with everyone!"

"I could do it, My grades are real solid. I just need a language credit to graduate."

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