Mallett and Smith Make Connection

One day after Detroit Southeastern WR Fred Smith chatted it up with Sam McGuffie about the Maize & Blue, the Motor City standout phoned GoBlueWolverine to inform us that he spent time Tuesday discussing Michigan with yet another component of the program's future. Smith conversed with Ryan Mallett yesterday, and the two talented youngsters really hit it off.

The Michigan Wolverines stepped up the recruiting intensity on Detroit Southeastern wideout Fred Smith during his on Saturday, and in the days since his time on campus they have refused to let up. Sam McGuffie took it upon himself to contact the four-star pass catcher on Monday in hopes of luring him to Ann Arbor. Tuesday it was Ryan Mallett’s turn. After weeks of trying to connect with one-another, Smith was happy he was finally able to reach the talented gunslinger.

“I had spoken to him when I was up at Michigan, but that was my first time talking to him on the phone,” Smith said. “Mallett gave me a bow when he said, ‘I heard you were thinking about Michigan State. I know you want to win some games, don’t you?!’ (Laughing)’ There wasn’t nothing I could say (in response).”

As was the case after his conversation with McGuffie, Smith was blown away by the immediate vibe he had with Michigan’s future signal caller.

“Awe man…I thought I was talking to McGuffie,” he said. “They’re just alike. The difference is McGuffie probably takes the flavor off for the interviews and stuff. Mallett keeps the flavor all of the time.”

When Mallett wasn’t playfully ribbing Smith, he was conveying to his prospective teammate the belief that if he were to become a Wolverine, he would be signing up to be a part of something special.

“He told me that our (recruiting) class could be sick,” Smith recalled. “He talked about McGuffie and he said that we could all really do some things together.”

According to Smith, the conversation gave him even more to think about. He also indicated that that was not the last time he and Mallett would talk.

“I told him I was going to be getting back with him and talking to him real soon,” Smith said. “Me and my family are having a little dinner Saturday at my brother’s house and we’re going to talk about what I’m going to do.”

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Smith in the coming days.

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