Gray's Choice to have "Big Impact" on Demens

Detroit Country Day LB/FB Kenny Demens discusses his Michigan visit, his favorite, and the role Jonas Gray's announcement tomorrow will play in his choice. Is the three-star prospect still leaning away from home?

The time has officially been set for Detroit Country Day LB/FB Kenny Demens to travel to Ann Arbor to receive his long awaited scholarship offer

“I’m going to be up there Friday in the morning around nine or ten,” he said. “I’m going with my mom and my two uncles.”

With his Michigan visit is now set in stone, Demens’ recruiting focus turns to setting up a return trip to Lincoln Nebraska. The versatile youngster had previously arranged an official visit to Husker land, but was recently informed that he needed to reschedule.

“I was going to go out there September 15th or 16th for the USC game, but the coaches told all of the players that they were going to be too busy for us and that they wouldn’t be able to spend any time with us,” he explained. “I’m looking for another date right now.”

Demens indicated a desire to get his itinerary mapped out fairly soon and is anxiously anticipating taking in the Big Red game day atmosphere for the first time. His mother, on the other hand, isn’t a big fan of collegiate options that far away.

“We talked about and in the beginning she wanted me to stay home, but once I told her Nebraska was #1 right now, she said ultimately it’s my decision,” said Demens. “Wherever I go she is going to be okay with it. But if it were up to her it would be Michigan or Michigan State.”

Despite the Cornhuskers’ obvious lead, the Spartans and Wolverines still have a punchers chance. Each program has him as one of their remaining in-state priorities. One of the three schools will get a huge assist in their effort to lure Demens when his best friend, Jonas Gray, announces his commitment to one of them tomorrow.”

“That’s going to have a big impact my decision,” said Demens. “We have the same top schools. We were talking earlier today about (going to school together). It’s looking good with that.”

While it’s clear that where Gray chooses to attend school will impact Demens’ recruiting process, when Gray chooses won’t.

“I’m going to still wait because I don’t want this thing to be over with that quick,” Demens said. “I want to take everything in. I want everybody to look at me. There might be somewhere out there better that I don’t know about. I’m going to keep everything open. I don’t want to regret nothing.”

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