Michigan Still in the Hunt for Adams

Matthews, NC DB Spencer Adams has been planning his fall visits in recent days, and he has now finalized his first two officials. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster to discuss his trip itinerary, his favorites, his decision timetable, and more.

The rumor mill in recent weeks had the Michigan Wolverines slipping down, (or according to internet scuttlebutt, off) the list of Butler High (Matthews, NC) safety Spencer Adams. During that time the four star prospect saw his scholarship tally rise and he expanded his list of favorites. He insists, however, that he is looking at the Maize & Blue as intently as he ever was.

“Michigan didn’t fall off,” Adams said. “I just think that rumors started going around and people started saying things. Just because I didn’t say Michigan in one interview, somebody takes that as me not having any interest in them. I have a top seven in no particular order of North Carolina, Clemson, Virginia Tech, NC State, Virginia Tech, Florida, Michigan, and Miami.”

With more suitors now under consideration, official visits have become all the more important. Adams has already set firm dates for two trips and is looking to finalize the rest in the not-too-distant future.

“I just got done talking with Coach Campbell,” Adams said regarding Michigan’s wide receivers coach. “I was planning to (visit Ann Arbor) for the Appalachian State game because we have a player named Leonard Love there, and I wanted to come see Jamar Adams too. That was the only time I’d be able to see them at the same time. Coach Campbell said that’s not really a big recruiting game. The Big House will probably be filled, but it’s not going to be anything real exciting. I went ahead and rescheduled it, and I’m going to the Penn State game on the 22nd. We’re trying to find a cheap plane ticket so my mom can come too.”

“I set up my official with Florida to watch them play UT,” he continued. “I think that’s the 15th, so I’ll be taking two in a row. I think I’m going to take more official visits after that because I want to get a feel for what these schools are really about. I’ll definitely take one to Clemson, definitely one to North Carolina or Virginia Tech, and then that last one is kind of open right now.”

When Adams makes his way to Ann Arbor, it will give him the chance to once again catch up with the young man that preceded him as Butler’s center fielder. Before heading into his final fall camp as a Michigan Wolverine, Jamar Adams made his way back down to Butler and shared a few tips with the players now piloting his former high school team. Spencer Adams was paid particular attention to his predecessor’s sage advice.

“He came down and watched us practice about two weeks ago and I talked to him,” Spencer said. “We just talked about me being more of a verbal leader now that Eddie Whitley is gone because Eddie tore his ACL. He talked about how safeties are the leaders on defense and that I had to step up. We have to make all of the calls because we’re the only ones that really see the whole field. We kidded around some too. He didn’t really do the, ‘Michigan is the place to be’, ‘Come to Michigan’ thing. He wasn’t really a recruiter. He was more of a big brother figure. It more like, ‘If this is the kind of school that you’re looking for, then this is what we’ve got.’ He wasn’t big on trying to pressure me.”

The youngster appreciated that approach because of he has definite ideas about what he’s looking for in a school. How each program stacks up to his selection criteria is something that only he can determine.

“I’ll probably look at it from the regular student aspect of it,” Adams explained regarding his decision-making process. “Which schools would I really want to go to if I didn’t have sports? I’m also looking at are these coaches going to really care about me or are they looking at me as just a football player? Is this a place that I really want to call home for the next four years?”

“Coach Campbell is a coach and I know he has that switch where he turns it on, but I know I can come to him if I have personal problems,” he added. “I can go to him and talk to him about it. People look at me weird when I say North Carolina is one of the schools in my top seven. They say North Carolina doesn’t have a program. But again, I go there and I get that home cheering. I feel at home. Clemson is the same thing… I feel at home. All of these schools that I have in my top group are all schools that I could see myself playing for and I could see myself going to if I wasn’t an athlete.”

At this point Adams is in no rush to make a decision. If finding the best fit means extending the process longer than he initially thought he would, he is more than content to do so.

“It’s a feel thing, but right now I want to take some official visits,” Adams said. “I want to take as many as I can. If I get two or three officials and I feel like this is the place I want to be, then I’ll make my decision. If it takes all five officials to find that place, then I’ll take all five.”

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