Q & A with Kyle Kuric

Evansville, IN SG Kyle Kuric was one of the real head-turners during the July evaluation period. Michigan was one of a host of programs to take notice of the 6-5 sharpshooter and the Wolverines are right in the thick of his recruitment. In our second conversation with this rising prospect, we cover his list of favorites, the factors most important in his recruitment, his timetable and more.

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Scouts and coaches were really impressed by the way you performed during the month of July…specifically out in Vegas.  How do you think you did?

"I think it went pretty well.  A couple of things could have gone a little better, but overall I think it went well."

Were out to prove something with your performances, or was it just about winning games?

"Mostly it was about winning games, but I made some strides as far as showing that I had more than range by getting to the basket and finishing.  I tried to prove could do all of it out there."

How would you describe your game for folks that haven't seen you before?

"I'm a shooter but I can also move over.  I can run the point.  I can play the one, two, or three."

What would you say are the teams under the strongest consideration for you at this point?

"Southern Illinois, Ole Miss, Louisville, Indiana, Michigan, and Duke.  There are couple others after that."

Which of those schools have offered?

"Southern Illinois, Ole Miss, Michigan, and that's it."

Did you grow up a fan of any particular program?

"Actually, my favorite program was Duke."

If Duke were to come forth with an offer, how tough would they be to beat?

"It depends on the situation as far as playing time out there."

Is immediate playing time going to be an issue for you?

"I guess that depends on where I go.  At a couple of schools I wouldn't mind working my way up a little bit.  At other schools I'd like to go in there and play my freshman year."

Is distance form home going to be a factor for you?

"Not really.  It used to be, but now I'm open."

What are your parents saying to you about the recruiting process?

"They pretty much tell me to keep my options open.  They are going to discuss a lot of things with me before I make my decision, but they're fairly open to what I want and what I like."

When we talked previously you mentioned your desire to make a decision in August.  Now that that isn't going to happen, do you have a new timeline for when you'd like to make your choice?

"Not really right now.  I want to kind of see what happens on the visits and make a decision from there."

Are you any closer to setting up your visit schedule?

"Yeah, we're trying to get dates set right now.  Some of them might be in August and others will probably be in September during football games or maybe a little bit later."

When do you think you might visit Michigan?

"Right now we're talking about maybe an unofficial up there in August and then getting up there for the Notre Dame or Penn State games in September."

What are some of the things that you will be looking for on your visits?

"The relationship I build with the coach, the environment on campus, and the relationship with the players."

What is Michigan saying to you about how you'd fit in to what they'd like to do?

"They said I could be a three-point shooter… a scorer."

What is it that you find most appealing about Michigan?

"Coach Beilein.  He came from West Virginia after really turning their program around.  He's probably going to do it again for Michigan."

I take it that you like his offensive philosophy?

I'd get to shoot a lot of threes (laughing).

So he said he'd let you fire away?

"That's right."

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