Wilson Glad to Now be Officially Blue

McKees Rock, PA RB/LB Christian Wilson made his desire to become a Wolverine official Monday when he committed to Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr during an afternoon practice. Now that he is in the fold, he tells GBW that he plans on working the phones to help lure other talented prospects to Ann Arbor as well.

Sometimes the best laid plans get derailed. That was certainly the case for McKees Rock, PA H-back/LB Christian Wilson and his commit to Michigan earlier this afternoon. Shortly after practice concluded today he discovered that the word was already out.

“I didn’t plan on it getting out that way,” Wilson said after learning his coach had already released the news. “I was going to wait to announce it and do a silent so I could say it on air (during the ESPN game). Even if I didn’t wait until the game, I was thinking that I could wait a while help my teammates some exposure too, but I guess they switched it on me or something. But that’s where I want to go, so it doesn’t really matter.”

Wilson actually made the impromptu commitment in practice today. His recruiter, Michigan assistant Scot Loeffler quarterbacked today’s events.

“I was calling Coach Loeffler a lot, but he wouldn’t answer the phone,” Wilson recalled. “Then when we were watching film of a scrimmage we had, one of our coaches got six or seven calls and they were all from Coach Loeffler. He told my coach to tell me to call. At first I told him I would call again tonight, but then (Coach Loeffler) was saying that he might have practice at that time. He was wondering if I could do it during practice. So I just called during practice and that’s when I told Coach Carr.”

“Coach Carr was excited that I was going there and he said whenever they get a chance to show me the playbook that they’re going to do that as early as they can,” he continued. “They’re expecting me to come up there and have a chance to start.”

For Wilson, today’s commitment was a formal expression of a decision he had pretty much settled on well over a month ago.

“I had narrowed things down to two schools, but when people would ask me which one I was going to commit to, I use to always tell everybody Michigan,” he admitted. “So basically I wanted to go there for a while. It’s just the matter of coming out and saying it.”

The only factor preventing an earlier announcement was Wilson’s uncertainty about how prominent the H-back can be in the Michigan offense. Once he became more comfortable with the prevalence of his prospective role on offense, he was ready to make the call. Besides, he has a good contingency plan should things not go as he envisioned.

“Coach English said I could play linebacker,” said Wilson. “If H-back doesn’t work out, linebacker is always big too.”

With his decision now out the way, Wilson plans to focus on his high school season. However, he will also set aside time to do a little bit of recruiting for Michigan as well.

“I’m going to call Sam (McGuffie) tonight,” he said. “He is probably in camp right now and I know he is a couple of hours behind us. Sam said that once I committed he was going to give me some people that he is talking to so I can try to help get them to go there.”

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