Week One Staff Predictions

GoBlueWolverine Staff predictions for the Wolverines season opener on Saturday against the Appalachian State Mountaineers. Does the Michigan football team pull away early in this one or will the I-AA National Champs hang tough in their debut at the Big House?

With the Wolverines opener less then one day away, it's that time of year again for the staff here at GoBlueWolverine Magazine

Tom Beaver
Expect the flavor to be vanilla but the result to be sweet: 40-7

Sam Webb
The Wolverines have too much firepower offensively for the Mountaineers to contain. They’ll move the ball at will on the ground and through the air. On defense, though, the turnover in the starting lineup…which includes the loss of four players that were selected in the top two rounds of the NFL draft. Combine with that the fact that they’ll be facing a spread option attack featuring a quarterback that threw for over 2000 yards last season and rushed for over 1000 as well. They will be able to move the football at times against a defensive unit that will be finding its way early in the year. That said, expect Michigan’s D to improve as the game goes along.
Michigan-42, Appalachian State-17

Josh Turel
I think Appalachian State is a perfect opponent for Michigan at this point in the season. They run a very productive spread offense at their level but their running game should present some challenges for Michigan. Armanti Edwards is a dual threat type quarterback and Kevin Richardson has nice speed at running back. Edwards is the same type of player Dennis Dixon is for Oregon, so some of the young Michigan defenders will get a preview of whats to come. Offensively, if I know Michigan, we will see a lot of the run game, as we should. Look for Michigan to establish the run and play action off of what is working. I don't anticipate a blow out but this should be an obvious victory for Michigan
Michigan-31 App. State-3

Allen Trieu
I've been racking my brain trying to project just where Appalachian State would fall in the D1 ranks. They probably are better than at least a few of the teams towards the bottom of the 119. To win championships, you have to be well coached, disciplined and have a winning attitude. These guys won't roll over and die, but they haven't seen an offense like this. The App State offense does a lot of damage on the ground, so we'll get a good look at all the new starters in the front 7. When they put the ball in the air, their QBs have been turnover prone, so maybe this can be a good confidence boost for our secondary members. I see a big first half, after which our stars can sit back and all of us will be treated to our first dose of Mallett-Clemons-Horn-Hemingway etc. One thing we know we won't do though is run it up in the second half.
Michigan - 49, Appalachian State - 7

Bret Osburn
Michigan will get to test the new defensive starters in this one. Appalachian State will bring a lot of speed on the offensive side of the ball, the the spread offense should be a good run through for what the Oregon Ducks will bring next week. In the end, however, the Michigan defense is just too good and the offense too powerful for ASU to contain.
Michigan - 45, Appalachian State - 13

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