Michigan Visit Draws Raves from Kuric

Kyle Kuric ventured up to Ann Arbor for an unofficial visit Wednesday to catch his first glimpse of the Michigan basketball program. After a whirlwind tour of the campus, a face to face with John Beilein, and a look at the blueprint for the rebuilding effort, the athletic youngster is even higher on Michigan than he was before.

With school now is session in Evansville, Indiana, it’s no small task to travel up to Ann Arbor, Michigan in the middle of the week just to take visit. The eight hour trip (by car) isn’t one taken by those with faint interest. Kyle Kuric’s decision to fly up to Ann Arbor Wednesday morning for the first of two visits to the Great Lake State in the next two weeks is a clear sign that the Maize & Blue is heavily in the mix of his recruitment. Now that he has a first hand account for what the program and school have to offer, the Wolverines are even more of a factor.

“It was just me and my mom this time,” Kuric told GoBlueWolverine Thursday. “The first thing that we did was walk down to the stadium and walk onto the field at the 50 yard line. My grandfather actually went to Michigan and he is a big Michigan fan, so that was big. I went to the locker room and then went on the court a little bit and played with them. After that we went to meet with the fitness people and went on a little tour. Then we met with an academic advisor, watched some video clips, and hung out with coach. Everything went really well”

The visit gave Kuric his first chance to sit face to face with Michigan coach John Beilein. If first impressions mean anything, the new headman’s pitch will keep the Wolverines at the forefront of the youngster’s mind until the very end.

“Awww, I like him a lot,” said Kuric. “He’s perfect. I like his (system) and the feeling of it. I like where I fit in. He told me that I would have to keep improving my shot in practice and I’d be able to take whatever shot I wanted in the game. He told me many many times that I was one the guys that they really wanted.”

Michigan assistant Mike Jackson has been the point man in Kuric’s recruitment and the Hoosier State guard that he could be part of the foundation for the Beilein-led program.

“He was telling me that they’re going to get better,” Kuric said regarding his interaction with Jackson. “He said I could be a part of helping them build it.”

As impressive as the basketball aspect of the visit was, it was only part of the presentation. The excellent academics in Ann Arbor stood out as well, especially to Kuric’s mom.

“She liked it a lot,” he said. “She loved the business school. It is like a top three business school in the country and you can’t get much better than that.”

Looking back the daylong excursion (which didn’t see him get back home until late Wednesday evening), Kuric is still blown away by how well things went.

“It was one of the better visits I’ve taken. There are one or two other schools that have really did a good job, but all-around it was great. It was a good experience. It was more than I expected. It really was. (On a scale of one to ten) I’d say the visit was a nine.”

There was only one thing missing from trip… one thing keeping it from attaining a perfect score. The Michigan players weren’t there for him to interact with.

“The players don’t come in until this weekend, so I wasn’t able to meet them,” said Kuric. “I’ll get to do that when I come back for my official. I’ll be at Michigan on the 14th and 15th.”

“I’m going to Southern Illinois (Friday), Louisville, the 6th 7th and 8th, and Saint Louis the end of September,” he continued. “Right now I’m trying to work out an unofficial with Duke, but I’m not sure when that will be. If I can get that worked out then that should be the last one.”

This final round of visits will likely be the deciding factor for which program Kuric ultimately chooses. The plan is to drop in on all of his favorites one more time, but he isn’t ruling out the possibility of pulling the trigger a little sooner should the feeling hit him.

“I want to make all of my visits and make sure I’m making the right decision,” Kuric explained. “If something really changes and something real big happens when I’m on campus, I might commit earlier. But I’m going into planning to take all the visits.”

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Kuric in the coming days.

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