App. St. Has Historic Win Over U-M

In what ESPN Radio called the upset of the last 100 years, Div. I-AA Champ Appalachian State beat Michigan in the Big House. According to ESPN Radio, it was the first win by a Championship Div. (Div. I-AA) school over a Top 25 BCS Div. Team (Div. 1-A) in history.


Michigan took the opening kickoff at their 33 ... 5 plays and 62 yards later -- including a 17 yard pass play to Mike Massey and a 33 yard run by Mike Hart), Hart scored from the 4 at the 12:31 mark.

Michigan 7, ASU 0

Appie State answered immediately.

After a kickoff return to their own 26, on 3rd down QB Armanti Edwards completed a short pass over the middle to Dexter Jackson that went all the way for the touchdown at the 10:55 mark.

Michigan 7, ASU 7

Johnny Sears returned the kickoff to the U-M 43 yard line. But U-M went three and out with a 10 yard loss on a 3rd down sack.

ASU. fair catched the punt at their own 16 yard line at the 9:30 mark. Thanks to a penalty and a Shawn Crable and Will Johnson, ASU went three and out.

After an ASU punt out of bounds, U-M took over at the U-M 48 yard line at the 6:54 mark. Michigan put on a workmanlike drive, getting 3 first downs and covering the 42 yards in 10 plays, including a 17 yard completion to Aarrington at the Ap 25, and a 13 yard TD pass to Greg Mathews at the 3:16 mark.

Michigan 14, ASU 7

ASU. returned the kickoff to the U-M 35. They marched, getting 2 first downs to the U-M 32 at the end of the first quarter.


The ASU drive continued, led by a 19 yard reverse to the U-M 4. The drive:65 yards on 11 plays, with a 9 yard TD pass at the 13:35 mark.

Michigan 14, ASU 14

Michigan starts at the 20 and goes three and out.

After a personal foul on the punt return against U-M, ASU started at the U-M 37 at the 12:02 mark. Five plays later, ASU scored on a 20 yard TD pass at the 9:47 mark.

ASU, U-M 14

A officials replay negated a U-M fumble on the kickoff at the U-M 19. So Michigan took over and got 3 first downs to the ASU 35, led by a 18 yard completion to Massey at the ASU 40. But the drive stalled.

ASU took the ball at their own 35 at the 7:00 mark, ON first down a penalty moved it to the U-M 47. Three first downs and 9 plays later, led by a 21 yard Armanti Edwards keeper to the U-M 8, Edwards scored on another keeper from the 6 at the 2:15 mark.

Michigan returned the kickoff to the U-M 33 yard line. U-M got 3 first downs, led by a 17 yard completion to Arrington to the ASU 49, and a 24 yard completion to Mathews at the ASU 11. But the drive stalled at the AUS 5, and U-M kicked a 22 yard field goal as the half ran out.

ASU 28, U-M 17


ASU: 115 yards rushing, 129 passing, 244 overall. ASU was also 6-7 on 3rd down conversions.
Michigan: 68 yards rushing, 159 passing, 227 all.


ASU took the opening kickoff, and 2 plays later Morgan Trent made an interception at the ASU 32.

After a first down, Michigan's drive stalled and Jason Gingell kicked a 42 yard field goal at the 13:03 mark.

ASU 28, Michigan 20

ASu took the ensuing kickoff, made four first downs, with the highlight being a 27 yard pass completion to the U-M 14. The drive stalled and ASU kicked a 31 yard field goal at the 8:25 mark.

ASU 31, Michigan 20

Michigan took the ensuing kickoff and got one first down before Brandon Minor fumbled at the U-M 32 at the 6:56 mark.

ASU stalled and missed a field goal, and U-M returned the favor by going three and out and punting.

ASU took the U-M punt at their own 16 at the 4:14 mark, got a first down, then fumbled at the ASU 31 at the 2:28 mark.

U-M finally got things going, with Mike Hart and Brandon Minor chruning it out on the ground for 2 first downs and a Mike Hart TD for a 4 yard touchdown at the 2:04 mark. Two point conversion failed.

ASU 31, Michigan 26


ASu took the ensuing kickoff and went three and out.

Johnny Sears returned the punt 14 yards and got face-masked, so U-M started a drive at the ASU 34 at the 13:58 mark. But on the 3rd play Henne threw an interception, returned 26 yards to the ASU 41 at the 12:23 mark.

ASU went three and out, and U-M took over at the U-M 24 yard line. U-M got 3 first downs but stalled at the ASU 33 at the 6:55 mark when a 4th pass was incomplete.

ASU went three and out, and U-M took over at their own 46 at the 4:5q mark. On the first play, Hart ran 5 yards for a touchdown at the 4:25 mark. Two point conversion was no good.

Michigan 32, ASU 31

On the first play form scrimmage after the ensuing kickoff, ASU threw an interception to Morgan Trent at the ASU 43 yard line at the 4:25 mark.

(ahhhh, didn't things look good at that moment ...)

U-M got a first down, and then attempted a 44 yard field goal at the 1:37 mark ... blocked (a cruel precursor ...)

ASU went on the march ... after 7 plays and 4 first downs, ASU kicked a 24 yard field goal at the 0:26 mark.

ASU 34, Michigan 32

Michigan completed a desperation pass to Mario Manningham at the ASU 20 yard line. But a 37 yard field goal attempt at the 0:06 mark was -- blocked again.

Game Over.


-- U-M gained 479 yards (246 rushing and 233 passing) to ASU's 387 (160 rushing and 227 passing).

----- For ASU, Kevin Richardson rushed for 90 yards (24 carries) and QB Armanti Edwards ran for 78 (17 carries)
----- For U-M, Mike Mart gained 190 yards (23 carries) and Brandon Minor had 57 (13 carries)

------ For ASU, Armanti Edwards was 17-23-2; for U-M Chad Henne was 19-37-1

----- for ASU, CoCo Hillary had 4 receptions for 63 yards; for U-M, Greg Mathews had 7 receptions for 68 yards and a TD.

-- Both ASU and U-M had 7 penalties, ASU's for 151 yards, U-M's for 121.

-- Both ASU and U-M lost 1 fumble.

-- ASU threw 2 interceptions, U-M 1.

-- ASU won the time of possession, 31:12 to 28:48.

-- ASU had 4 punts for a 33 pard average; U-M had 3 punts for a 48.7 yard average.

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