Q & A with Kevin Koger

After a disappointing loss at the hands of Fremont (OH), Toledo Whitmer TE Kevin Koger sat down with GoBlueWolverine to discuss his performance, his Michigan visit plans, and the outlook on his Wolverine future.

GBW: How did you think your team played in the first half and what went wrong?

Kevin Koger: "We could not get things rolling and made some critical penalties on offense that really hurt us getting any momentum going until the second half. "

GBW: In the second half it seemed like you guys settled down and really came together?

Kevin Koger: "Well we had more confidence and really got things rolling and did not make many mistakes to stop drives. Once we started making plays we got back into the game along with our fans and the team fed off that momentum."

GBW: Your father said you had films (last Saturday) so you guys could not make it to the Appalachian State game. When are you expecting going up to Ann Arbor?

Kevin Koger: "Yea we are planning to go to the Oregon game along with every other home game if possible."

GBW: Have you talked to any recruits lately or kids that have committed to Michigan?

Kevin Koger: "I talk to Elliott (Elliott Mealer OL from Wauseon) all the time. We have been friends for quite awhile and I have played AAU ball with him since the 7th grade. I got a text message from Mike Martin today, but I do not really get into calling kids and text messaging them. That just is not my kind of thing. I hope to get to meet some of my future teammates when I go up to the Oregon game along with seeing the coaches and players."

GBW: What coach do you usually talk with and what do you think of the Michigan coaches?

Kevin Koger: "I usually talk to Coach DeBord for the most part, but I have talked to all the coaches or have gotten letters from them. I really like Coach DeBord along with Coach Carr. They are guys you can actually talk to them about anything and are very nice guys."

GBW: Has Coach DeBord talked to you about next year yet and what they would like to do with you? Are they saying that you will play or will they red-shirt you?

Kevin Koger: "Well of course I would love to come in and play, but depends on how much they want me to play. I have to be realistic and see who is in front of me along with the situation once I get up there and see how I do once I get to compete against the other guys. I do not want to be a guy that just plays special teams my first year and waste a year. If I play I want to play so many plays every game if not I will red-shirt and learn the position along with going to class and get use to college life and still have the four years to play."

GBW: Your dad brought up how so many recruits leave high school early these days. How do you feel about enrolling early to get ready for college?

Kevin Koger: "If that is what they want to do that is fine, but I want to enjoy my senior year in high school along with playing my other sports. I play basketball and track also. I want to enjoy everything that being a senior in high school is about. I want to finish my career by hanging with friends, chilling out, and playing NCAA '08 on X-Box360."

GBW: How will your basketball team be this coming year?

Kevin Koger: "Well it's really hard to say because we lost one of our guards to another school, but we do have another very good player so it will be interesting to see how we come together this coming year."

GBW: What are your events in track?

Kevin Koger: "I do the long jump, 4x100, 4x200 and 4x400."

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for video highlights of Kevin Koger in action after his third game of the season versus Fostoria, Ohio.

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