Demens Sees Opportunity at Michigan

Detroit Country Day LB Kenny Demens was on hand for Michigan's 39-7 defeat at the hands of the Oregon Ducks. Most of the capacity crowd in attendance let disappointed and disgusted. Demens, however, did not. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster to discuss his feelings about the Wolverines, and his response may be somewhat surprising.

Watching Michigan get beaten so soundly on its home field last Saturday was a surreal experience for the 109,000 fans in attendance. Adding to their punch-drunk state of mind was the numerous phone calls and text messages they received as they sat in their seats. For Detroit Country Day LB Kenny Demens, fielding calls got to be a tiresome exercise.

“Man, everybody hit me on my cell,” Demens exclaimed. “Jonas Gray, Blaine Gabbert, Will Compton…coaches…everybody. I started to throw my phone away. It was crazy.”

The atmosphere at such a contest can be dark and drab, and many recruits are turned off by watching that kind of performance. However, a team having its most obvious deficiencies exposed can sometimes be a blessing in disguise,

“It’s good for a college to be successful,” Demens said. “On the flip side of that, if a team is doing badly, a recruit is going to think like, ‘man, they need some help.’ The coaches are going to be looking for answers, and I might be the answer. I don’t want to say I’m glad that Michigan is doing bad, but in a way it’s kind of good because I can see where I could fit in. I talked to Coach Szabo for a good thirty minutes after the game. We sat a table at the recruiting center. He was really stressing, ‘we need you! We need playmakers on the defense. You can see that our linebackers weren’t doing everything they were supposed to.’ I could see in his face that he really wanted me. Everything that was said, I knew it was real. The look on his face was what got me. I also talked to Coach Moeller, Coach Jackson, and Chris Singletary before I left.”

The coaches weren’t the only ones putting in a good word for the Wolverines. There were a number of committed recruits in attendance as well, and they made it a point let Demens know how valuable he would be to the class.

Christian Wilson and Boubacar Cissoko were putting it on me,” Demens recalled. “Especially Christian Wilson. Every time something happened on D he said, ‘see that defense, they need you.’ Every time a big play happened they were on me kind of tough.”

The third rung in the Michigan arsenal was Demens’ own mother.

“She loved it,” he said. “She told me that they need some more talent out there and that the opportunity is there for me. She was saying she wished I had committed, but she is letting me do my thing, so it’s cool.”

Demens plans to get another glimpse of the Maize & Blue this coming weekend when the Fighting Irish come to town. After that his itinerary will be pretty fluid with the exception of his official visit to Nebraska.

“I think I’m going to take a trip to Nebraska when they play Kansas State,” said Demens. “That’s what Will and Blain want to do. I’m going to go over there and do that with them. As far as Michigan and Michigan State, it’s up in the air when I’m going to visit them after this week. It’s still mainly Michigan and Nebraska for me, but I want to see the atmosphere on game day at Michigan State. I’m not going to totally kick them out because I was feeling them before I was feeling any other college.”

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