Stuart Douglass is Beilein Commit #2

Carmel, Ind. Stuart Douglass was one of the top performers at Michigan basketball's team camp this summer. The 6-2 sharpshooter returned to campus for an unofficial visit last Thursday and was blown away by the experience. He left town without an offer, but the Wolverines decided not delay things any longer and extend a scholarship offer Tuesday night. Douglass happily accepted on the spot.

Stuart Douglass has known what school he wanted to attend for sometime now. Why else would he keep high major suitors like Colorado and California at bay? When GoBlueWolverine caught up with the talented youngster after his unofficial to Michigan last Thursday it was clear that he was doing just that.

“At Colorado the spot they were offering me got filled,” Douglass said last week. “The University of California called (last Thursday, September 6th) and I think they’re going to call tomorrow (Friday, September 7th). I want to see what’s going to happen with Michigan. I was there for my unofficial today (i.e. Thursday, September 6th). We got there at about twelve and left at about six. It went real well. We’re planning on coming back up on the 22nd for an official visit.”

The trip to Ann Arbor gave Douglass his first opportunity to interact with the Michigan players and he came away extremely impressed.

“I played a couple of games with them and talked to them a little bit,” Douglass recalled. “It was nice. I didn’t hit a bunch of shots, but I felt pretty good playing out there. I felt comfortable. I like the team a lot. I didn’t know what to expect. They’re not exactly Coach Beilein’s guys, but I liked them. They’re very athletic and have a lot of leadership. They have a lot of potential. If they come together in Coach Beilein’s system and really listen to him then I think they can be good.”

“Manny Harris…I didn’t realize he was only 17 years old still,” he continued. “He impressed me a lot. Kelvin Grady impressed me a lot. He can really shoot. There wasn’t really anybody that I didn’t think was any good.”

Douglass also had the chance to finally sit down face to face with the Michigan coaching staff and discuss where things stood with his recruitment. Needless to say, the youngster and his father were blown away by the meeting.

“They showed me four or five clips and broke down where I fit in…the one and two guard slot,” said Douglass. “They showed me what they like to do, where they’d rotate me, a few different screens and cuts that they like to do. They kept mentioning how I’d be up top in the one or two guard slot.”

“I was very impressed by how honest they were and how old school Coach Beilein is,” Douglass continued. “The way he runs things, he is just an honorable guy. We talked about the three guys he has got coming in on officials before me (Klay Thompson, Tanner Smith and Kyle Kuric). He said they’re looking for a small forward and that’s really their main priority. He’s got to honor that. He knows I would love to play there, but he has to honor their visits and get the priority guy. He was really honest about it. He didn’t hide anything. He said he is still evaluating his team. He has offered those guys because of their versatility. They can play the three or the two, and maybe even the one. He really wanted me to just hang in there with them. I talked to Mike Jackson a lot and he told me that I reminded him of him coming out of high school looking for colleges and kind of waiting for the school that he really wanted to go to. We talked to Coach Mahoney a lot. We also talked to Coach Dunn. I really like Coach Dunn. He’s really an experienced coach and you can tell that he knows what he is doing. They all know what they’re doing.”

Late last night, Douglass found out his gamble paid off. He hung in long enough to receive his Michigan offer and he opted to become the second commitment during John Beilein’s short Michigan tenure.

Stay tuned to GoBlueWolverine for more from Douglass on his decision.

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