Silver Lining in UM's Struggles for Telemaque

Vaughn Telemaque initially planned to be in Ann Arbor this weekend, but a miscommunication forced him to reschedule. Some may construe the delay as a sign of his diminishing interest, but the talented safety prospect indicated that that is the furthest thing from the truth.

Long Beach (CA) Poly safety Vaughn Telemaque isn’t shy when it comes to talking about how good he and his team are. His talented squad traveled across the country a few weeks back to participate in the Herbstreit Challenge and dispensed of one of the top programs in the Buckeye state, Cleveland Glenville. However, a loss one week later has Telemaque & company looking to step things up a notch.

“I’m having a good time,” said Telemaque. “I did my thing in Ohio. We had to make a statement, but recently we lost our second game so we’ve got to go out there and handle our business again. I definitely need to get up on my game. Making big hits is a big thing, but as a DB, I definitely need to get up on my picks. You should be hearing something from me real soon about some record breaking picks.”

Telemaque had planned on returning to the Midwest this weekend so he could drop in on the University of Michigan, but a miscommunication derailed the trip.

“My academic coach was supposed to talk to Coach English and get me out there because I was looking forward to going to the Notre Dame game,” he said. “I talked to Donovan Warren and everything. I guess she didn’t get in hold of Coach English in time. I don’t know the situation, but it doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to go out there. I don’t know for sure when I will, but I definitely think it will be during the Big Ten conference schedule. I’ll try to make it to one of those games. Right now I know I’m going Oregon when they play Cal and I’m going to North Carolina when they play Miami.

Michigan’s recent struggles have done nothing to dim Telemaque’s interest. The hard-hitting safety prospect said the Wolverines’ disappointing start has opened his eyes to some things that actually make the situation in Ann Arbor look more appealing.

“The people around me knew the vibe I was having about Michigan before the season,” he said. “They knew I was feeling Michigan more and more. As they’ve been losing, people have been saying, ‘man you don’t need to worry about Michigan...they’re losing!’ But I’m looking at it as playing time. I know any school can bounce back and a team like Michigan can bounce back at any time. It’s really a playing time issue. I really look forward to taking a visit and seeing how everything is. It looks like I would be able to get some early playing time there.”

Weekly conversations with good friend and current Michigan freshman Donovan Warren have helped further convince Telemaque that’d he be able to go in and compete right away. Warren did that very thing during fall camp and is now in the starting lineup.

“He said he doesn’t plan to lose that spot,” Telemaque said regarding Warren. “I saw him out there making plays. He has been telling me about how things are going out there and he is looking for me to come out there too.”

When Telemaque does finally make it to the Great Lake State, he hopes to bring another good friend with him. Teammate Jurrell Casey is now fielding Michigan interest as well, which was music to Telemaque’s ears.

“I really look forward to them offering Jurrell because that would be another school that offered us both,” he said. “The two schools that have offered us both are Oregon and Ole Miss. I talk up Michigan no matter what. He is as interested in them as I am. I think he wants to go to the same school as me and it’s kind of ditto with me, but with the plans that we have so far and the offers that we have, it didn’t seem like we were going to be able to do that. I think he wants to see how Michigan is going to turn out for him.”

“He is basically a beast,” Telemaque said, describing the versatile defensive lineman. “He is the truth. He is one of my good friends. He plays backer sometimes, but he is like 6-2, 270 with a size ten foot. His steps are so quick and so fast that he gets around all of the linemen he faces. He is really a beast on the field. He plays end too. He moves all over the field. He’s a really good player.”

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