Announcement on Horizon for Demens

Detroit Country Day LB Kenny Demens was back in Ann Arbor last weekend to take in Michigan's blowout victory over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Now his recruitment seems to be coming into focus and he is honing in on a decision date.

“Something big is about to happen,” said Detroit Country Day linebacker Kenny Demens. “I would say at the beginning of October I will have press conference to announce my decision. I’m thinking it’s going to be at my school. My mom was saying she thought it would be sweet if I did it at my church. Right now I’m thinking it will be at my school, but I’m not 100% sure. We’ll have to see.”

One key considerations for Demens leading up to the announcement date is whether or not he will take anymore visits. With an official visit set to co-favorite Nebraska for the Huskers match-up with Kansas State and an unofficial trip to East Lansing on the docket as well, the question is will he still follow through with them.

“Maybe, maybe not,” Demens said regarding whether he’ll take more trips. “I think Michigan State plays Indiana on October 6th. I was wanting to get out to that game, but if I commit before then, then I won’t go. It’s a maybe/maybe not situation.”

Demens’ most recent visit was this past weekend to Ann Arbor. It was his second in as many weeks. The back to back visits gave him the opportunity to not only see the Wolverines come out victorious, but also to get better acquainted with the people he’d be spending the next four years of his life with if he were to choose the Maize & Blue.

“After the game me and the fam went into a room with Coach Carr. We were chilling with him. I also got a chance to holler at Coach Szabo, English, Moeller…and Singletary…I talk to him too much (laughing). I feel like I’m wanted. I really see where I can go in there and contribute.”

“I also got a feel for players that I’d be playing with,” he continued. “One in particular was Darryl Stonum. He’s cool people. It was tight that he chose Michigan over USC, Texas, and schools like that. I thought, ‘WOW, that’s huge! He is coming from across the country.’ Then there is the fact that he is a real cool person. I can see us getting cool if we come there together. We could get things popped off. I got a chance to speak with his dad and that was really good too. I come from a religious family and Darryl’s father came out with an open heart and was talking about if it’s God’s will for me to go somewhere, then he is going to make the decision for me. He said all you can do is pray on it. They were just real cool. Then there’s Boubacar, and we’re already cool. Last week it was Christian Wilson. There’s nothing but love there. It was something about this visit that made a spark.”

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