Perry Gets Red Carpet Treatment

King defensive end Nick Perry made his first unofficial visit of the season to Ann Arbor last weekend to see the Wolverines' 38-0 drubbing of the Fighting Irish. The talented youngster was impressed both with the performance turned in by the Maize & Blue... and with all of the attention he received after the game was over.

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“I got (to the game) in the middle of the second quarter,” Perry said regarding his weekend visit to Michigan. “I got there with one of my players. (Michigan) gave me the red carpet (treatment). I got to talk to all of the coaches. They were talking to me like they really need me. They said I’ve got the speed and a lot of other things to bring to the table…and with Crable leaving, they have the perfect role for me in their program. They want me to come to this week’s game. It’s possible that I’ll come. I’m giving it thought right now.”

Perry was happy to see the Wolverines play a good game, but was even happier to know that the heckling he’d been receiving because of their struggles would subside.

“It was a nice game,” Perry said recalling Michigan’s 38-0 trouncing of Notre Dame. “At least they didn’t go 0-3. People were hitting me with that, ‘what’s up with Michigan?’ They showed a lot in that game.”

After the contest was over Perry’s eyes were opened to how much his star has risen in the state. Over four games the 6-4 225-pounder has racked up an eye-popping 16 sacks. That’s on top of his production on the offensive side of the ball, where he sometimes lines up at tight end and receiver. Maize & Blue fans noticed him leaving the stadium and Perry was shocked to discover that scores of them knew he was.

“Oh my goodness,” Perry said laughing. “I was signing a bunch of autographs. I was trying to let everybody know that I wasn’t a player and they were saying ‘so, we still want you to sign it.’ They were acting like I go to Michigan already. I went ahead and signed my name down. When I was leaving, there were some people yelling, ‘hey Nick, come to Michigan… we love you... we’d love to have you here.’”

Some of the Wolverine commitments also made it a point to put in a good word for the Maize & Blue. Boubacar Cissoko did a little of that on Saturday, but he didn’t spend a whole lot of time delivering a recruiting pitch. Much of the conversation between the fellow Detroiters centered around their match-up this coming weekend.

“We weren’t really talking about Michigan,” Perry said regarding his conversations with Cissoko Saturday. “We were talking about this game we have this upcoming week. Hopefully I get a chance to line up at receiver. I’m in the process of trying to get that done right now. Boubacar said, ‘you’ve got fifteen sacks but you’re not getting nothing this week.’ I don’t know if he knows, but we’re good at not letting people score on us. Only one team has scored on us. We’re not trying to let anymore get by us like that. We’re trying to reach our goal of winning the state championship, so we know we are going to have to play together as one.”

Perry hasn’t deviated from his stance of putting recruiting on the backburner while he and his squad work toward bringing home a title. He continues to maintain a list that consists of Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, Purdue, West Virginia, and USC, but insists he won’t get any closer to settling on one of those suitors for quite some time.

“Nobody around me is really talking to me about recruiting right now because I’m not about to make my decision no time soon,” he said. “My uncles probably will help me with it when I start to look at it more. I’ll probably get into a little bit more after the season.”

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