Deadline Looms for Kuric

Evansville, IN SG Kyle Kuric recaps his recent visit to Michigan and discusses where things currently stand in his recruitment. One of his suitors has given him a deadline for a decision and the rising prospect is in the process of deciding whether he wants to pull the trigger.

How did your visit to Michigan go last weekend?

"Things went real well. They went good."

Your dad was able to come up with you this time around. How did he like it?

"Coach Beilein kind of broke down how I’d fit in for my dad. He had already done that for me on my unofficial. Both my parents really like Michigan. Both my parents really liked the football game and the atmosphere there. They both like Coach Beilein a lot. They like Michigan a lot, but they’ve also liked every school I’ve been to thus far."

What were your impressions of the guys?

“I really liked them. They had good personalities. They were good people to hang out with They’re funny too. They were trying to get me to commit that night.”

Are you done with visits now?

“I’ve actually got one more visit scheduled to St. Louis.”

Is it definite that you’re going to take that visit?

”Right now it is. Something might change, but right now it is.”

Are any of the schools asking you for a decision anytime soon or are they just waiting on you to take your time and make a choice?

“The only one that’s trying to put a deadline on me for a commitment is Southern Illinois.”

When are they asking you to decide by?

“This weekend.”

How big of a deal is that for you?

“It’s a pretty big thing. If I want to go there it’s a decision that has to me made in the next two or three days. I don’t know what’s going to happen with it.”

How was your Southern Illinois visit?

”It was good. It was a good visit. I had a chance to hang out with the guys, talk to coaches…just be around everybody.”

If you wait past this weekend, it sounds like you’ll be down to three schools. What then would your timeline be?

“I really don’t know. Two weeks? Three weeks? I’m not really sure.”

Aside from the possible visit to St. Louis, what remains for you to do in your decision-making process?

“Just to sit down and look at all of the options at all of the different schools and try to find the best situation.”

What stands out about each school for you?

Southern Illinois - “A couple things. The main thing would probably be my relationship with Coach Lowry. I’ve been talking to him for about two years now, so we have a good relationship. It’s a winning program obviously. Plus I really got along with the players. That went well.”

Louisville – “Coach Pitino. That’s really the main thing. And Walter McCarty… I know him real well through AAU and talking to him off the court.”

Michigan - “Coach Beilein, the players, and the system he runs.”

St. Louis – “Coach Majerus and his ability to develop players and get them to league.”

You said a few similar things about the schools. What sets one apart from the rest?

“Probably for me it will be the connection I have and just a gut feeling.”

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