Michigan's Stock Rises With Adams (Part 2)

In part two of GoBlueWolverine's feature Matthews, NC DB Spencer Adams, the talented youngster further recaps his official visit to Ann Arbor by discussing his interaction with Lloyd Carr, defensive coaches Ron English and Vance Bedford, and the Wolverines' players and commitments. He also sheds new light on the role distance would play in his decision and where Michigan now stands on his list.

For those that missed part one, click here.

What did Coach Carr talk to you about?

“He talked to me about the need for safeties because they are losing Jamar (Adams) and (Brandent Englemon). He also talked to me about how Michigan is Michigan. Not only would playing there be one of the greatest experiences of my life, but I’d also be getting degree from the University of Michigan. That holds weight. It’s a nationwide type deal. It’s not just, if you get a degree from a school on the east coast, it’s only going to hold weight in that certain region. It’s a national degree. It’s a world degree. If you say the University of Michigan, people know what you’re talking about.”

Did the committed recruits try to work you over to get you to join them at Michigan?

“A little bit (Laughing). Brandon Smith was there and he hasn’t committed either. Me and him were talking and we’re both taking all of our visits. He is a real cool dude… real nice guy…real chill. Sam McGuffie was there and he is a real cool dude too. (The committed recruits) were saying that we need to come, but it wasn’t a big deal…. like pressure pressure pressure pressure. It was more like, ‘You might well go ahead and commit if you like it so much’ (laughing).”

It really seemed like the fans knew who you guys were.

“Yeah (laughing), but it was more-so B. Smith and McGuffie. I’m an under the radar type dude (laughing). They had most of publicity. It’s no problem. That’s just kudos to them because of how they’ve performed.”

We’ve talked a number of times before and you’ve always had Michigan as one of the schools at or near the top of your list, but the distance from home was more an issue for the Wolverines than it was for some of the other schools on your list . Now that you’ve been to Ann Arbor is that still as big of a factor?

“Right now, I’m not looking into it as hard as I was. Now that I’ve been there and seen that this is Michigan and this is how things are, it’s not really a big big deal. Not as much as it was. I really was almost of the mindset that, ‘I can’t really travel away from my mom.’ I sat down and talked to her and she told me, ‘I don’t care if the school is in California, if you feel like that’s where you want to go and that’s where your heart is set, that’s where you’ll go. I’ll just have to make plans to come see you. It’s not my decision, it’s your decision.’ After that and actually going to Michigan and seeing how things are, seeing how the player/coach relationship is so close, how the players treat recruits that they know might not even come there…how they treat them like their own and not like they’re better than them…that’s another thing that really stuck out…after seeing all of that, I said alright, ‘Michigan, distance wise, is not that much of a deal.’ My mom is going to come see me play no matter what. It doesn’t matter how far the distance is. I talked to my coach about it, and even at a close school, I’m still only going to come home ever so often. I’m not going to be able to come home every weekend. I’m not going to really hold distance against Michigan anymore.”

So are you saying that the visit moved Michigan up?

“It moved them up, definitely. Now I see what they’re talking about and see how the program is run. I see what kind of coaches they have on the coaching staff. Over the phone you can get a feel for a person and you know how that one coach is, but you don’t talk to all of the coaches on the phone. Now I’ve talked to Coach English more and Coach Bedford more. He is a really really really cool dude. He has one of the great defensive minds in the game right now. Talking to him and the other coaches, and even the other people on the staff…talking to Ms. Shari (Acho) and all those people, it really does feel like a family environment. It really feels like somewhere I can see myself going. It definitely moved them up.”

So where does your list stand at this point?

“The same seven schools really. (Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Clemson and Miami). I’m definitely going make a cut soon. Once I do, I’ll announce it. You’ll get a phone call. But I really need to sit down and talk to the family about it again.”

Michigan was your first visit. Do you have any others set up at this point?

“I’ve got to redo my Florida visit because our game got rained out (the week before last), and we had practice Saturday morning. I didn’t want to leave out and miss practice, so I went ahead and stayed and told (his Florida recruiter) that I’d have to reschedule. Of course, he didn’t have a problem with it or anything. He said, ‘no matter what home game you come to, it’s going to be Florida.’ I’m probably going to go down there and watch them play Florida State.”

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