Demens Announcement to be "Special"

Detroit Country Day LB Kenny Demens will make known his intentions to attend one lucky school at 1 PM Saturday afternoon. He indicated that he is going to try to be a little different when it comes to how he makes his intentions known.

Detroit Country Day LB Kenny Demens settled on the time and place for his commitment announcement last Saturday.  In the days since, his phone lit up like a police switchboard with interested parties on the other end trying to figure out what school he plans to attend.

"Everybody has been calling me asking me what I am going to do," an enhausted Demens said.  "I'm not even answering my phone.  I'm not even trying to get mixed up right now.  Nebraska, West Virginia, State, Purdue…man, it's kinda crazy.  I've just been telling everyone that I don't know what I'm going to do and that it's between Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.  I've just been telling them that I'm going to announce it when I get to the podium."

Coaches haven't been the only ones making inquiries.  Commitments from the respective schools on his list have been letting their fingers do the walking as well.

"I've been hearing from Will Compton like crazy… Blaine Gabbert like crazy." said Demens.  "Me and Mike Martin, we've been keeping in touch through facebook.  I keep in touch with J.B. Fitzgerald too.  Fred Smith too.  I've been talking to all of them."

But just like almost everyone else, Demens' fellow recruits will have to wait until he steps in front of the microphone at 1 PM EST at Oak Park high school to get the news.  Even the youngster's best friend has been caught on the other side of the veil of suspense.

"I haven't even told Jonas yet," he said referring to teammate and buddy Jonas Gray.

One thing he has revealed, however, is he won't mimic what has become the standard announcement practice for recruits these days.

"I've got something different planned," Demens said.  "I'm not going to do the three hat thing.  It's going to be nice."

When the dust finally settles and the victor has been determined, Demens plans to immediately get to the business of burning up the phone lines to recruit on behalf of his new family.

"I'm going to have to," he said.  "That's my school and I'm going to want to help get the best players there."

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