Michigan Survives EMU, 33-22

Michigan took just a 16-8 lead into halftime. Then EMU opened the 2nd half by recovering an onside kick and scoring a TD to make it 16-14. This woke up the Wolverines who scored 17 unanswered 3rd quarter points to make it 33-14. EMU scored late in the 4th quarter as the injury-decimated U-M defense gave up 22 points overall. Final score: U-M 33, EMU 22. Here are the Drives and Stats.


EMU took the opening kickoff at the U-M 20. EMU got a first down, then threw a pass which was intercepted by Jamar Adams at the U-M 47, returned to the EMU 30.

U-KK got 2 first downs on a10 yard completion to Greg Mathews and on runs by Mike Hart, but there was a sack back to the EMYU 14, and K.C. Lopata made a 31 yard field goal at the 8:55 mark.

Michigan 7, EMU 0

EMU took the ensuing kickoff to the EMU 25. After getting a first down, EMU punted from the U-M 48 to the U-M 1.

U-M marched ... getting 3 first downs on a 20 yard Hart run to the U-M 21, a 19 yard Hart run to the U-M 40 (to become the all-time U-M rusher), a17 yard pass to Adrian Arrington to the EMU 43, a 5 yard 3rd down pass to Hart to the EMU 31 ... and then a 31 yard TD pass to Arrington at the 1:55 mark..

Michigan 10, EMU 0

EMU returned the ensuing kickoff to the U-M 14 yard line. Four plays later EMU kicked a 25 yard field goal at the 0:11 mark. Michigan 10, EMU 3


U-M took the ensuing kickoff at the U-M 28. After 2 first downs, Henne threw an interception on a long pass into the end zone at the 13:24 mark.EMU got 2 first downs to the EMU 44, but after a sack by Tim Jamison back to the EMU 38, had to punt.

U-M took the punt at the U-M 26 at the 10:12 mark. U-M got 3 first downs on a 15 yard , a 23 yard completion to Junior Hemingway at the U-M 20, a 12 yard run by Hart to the EMU 4 ... and then a 4 yard TD by Hart at the 6:56 mark. The extra point was blocked and EMU returned it all the way by EMU for 2 points.

Michigan 16, EMU 5

EMU took the ensuing kickoff at the EMU 20. EMU got 4 first downs to the U-0M 29 ... an 8 yard tackle for loss by Morgan Trent put back at the U-M 37. EMu kicked a 41 yard field goal at the 1:35 mark.

Michigan 16, EMU 8

U-M took the ensuing kickoff to the U-M 34. U-M went 3 and out to end the half.

In the second quarter J.R. Hemingway caught his-ever first pass, and Marques Slocum saw his first-ever action at DT in place of an injured Terrance Taylor. Also, the starting linebackers were reserves Obi Ezeh and Brandon Logan, in a 4-2-5 set with Shawn Crable playing defensive end (thus, the less effective defense ... mainly due to Crable being at DE instead of OLB). The starting RG and RT were Steve Schilling and Mark Ortmann.


EMU recovered an onside kick to open the half ... at the EMU 43. EMU marched down the field, getting 4 first downs and scoring on a 10 yard run at the 15:31 mark. The extra point was blocked.

Michigan 16, EMU 14

U-M took the ensuing kickoff and woke up. U-M got 4 first downs, including a 16 yard pass completion to Arrington to the U-M 49, an 11 yard completion to Arrington to the EMU 34, a 10 yard completion to Hemingway to the EMU 24, and then a 24 yard scoring run by Hart at the 6:59 mark.

Michigan 23, EMU 14

EMU took the ensuing kickoff at the EMU 30 and went three and out.

U-M took the put at the U-M 28. On the first play Mike Hart ran 61 yards to the EMU 11. But the drive stalled, and K.C. Lopata klicked a 36 yard field goal at the 3:35 mark.

Michigan 26, EMU 14

EMU fumbled the ensuing kickoff and U-M recovered at the EMU 17. On the first play, Hart ran for the TD, at the 3:05 mark.

Michigan 33, EMU 14


The rest of the game say EMU and U-M trading three-and-outs, with U-M getting 2 first downs total and EMU none ... until ...

At the 4:08 mark EMU took a punt at the EMU 19 and, helped by a 42 yard run to the U-M 34 ... drove for a TD at the 0:47 mark. EMU tried a 2-point conversion and got it.

Michigan 33, EMU 22

EMU recovered an onside kick, but could not get a first down.

End of game.

Other U-M reserves who saw extensive action: WR Laterryal Savoy (who saw some action at tight end as well), WR J.R. Hemingway, DT John Ferrara, DE's David Patterson and Greg Banks. Carlos Brown relieved Mike Hart late in the game, as did Ryan Mallett relieve Chad Henne.


U-M gained 470 yards, 237 passing and 233 rushing.
EMU gained 304 yards, 161 passing and 143 rushing.

Chad Henne was 20-29 for 228 yards, 1 TD and 2 ints.
Mike Hart had 22 carries for 215 yards (9.8 yards per carry) and 3 TDs.
Adrian Arrington had 6 catches for 102 yards and a TD.

-- Obi Ezeh led U-M with 9 tackles and a forced fumble.
-- Tim Jamison recorded 2 tackles-for-loss and 2 sacks.

EMU had 4 turnovers (2 fumbles, 2 ints), U-M had 3 (1 fumble, 2 ints)

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