Tom Beaver Message Number Two

A little information for you, and a request.

Wolverine Fans,

Today I have a little information for you, and a request.

First of all, the request. Please be patient with us!
Or let me put it this way: THANKS for being patient so far, and give us another week-or- to get the site all working properly.

There are so many things to do and to learn, all at once, in order to get started! But within a week or less we will be 'in place' and moving ahead.

At first, "in place and moving ahead" means continuing to be totally solid covering Wolverine football recruiting - our passion (Sam's and Matt's as well as mine). We are going up to the PSU game as usual, and will do our best to spot the recruits there for you, etc.

Our game and team coverage will grow over time, hopefully in a way that adds to our fans' knowledge, not duplicates.

We have also put our site's message boards into a simpler form now. There is a free board for football, and a free board for basketball. There is a third board for subscribers. All three are open to discussion of both Michigan's teams and recruiting. I want these boards to be 'family-friendly'. For a little more of a 'smack' board, including posts from fans from our opponents, we are providing a "Big Ten" board. Then we also provide the usual ticket exchange board as well.

Our chat room should be up and running in a couple days in order to start a regular "Monday Night Chat" as well!

Thanks, and Go Blue!

Tom Beaver

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