Is Michigan the Team to Beat for Floyd?

Earlier this week, GoBlueWolverine caught up with the father of Greenville, SC CB J.T. Floyd to recap their trip to Michigan last Saturday. In the days following that interview we've chatted with the young man himself and it is clear that he was blown away by his time in Ann Arbor. Michigan players, coaches, and fans made the kind of impression that this talented prospect won't soon forget.

For those that missed the interview with Floyd’s father, click here.

Before Greenville SC CB J.T. Floyd set foot in the Big House last Saturday, he thought he had a good idea of what it would be like. After all, he had seen the largest stadium in the country on television numerous times before. When he finally made his way to sideline, he found that the reality of being there was much more than he ever expected.

“It took my breath away,” Floyd said. “That was my first impression when I entered the stadium. Then when it was full it was crazy in there. I love the atmosphere. Those fans were crazy!”

As has often been the case this year, the Michigan fans certainly did their part to make the talented corner feel wanted.

“Man, they knew my name,” a still surprised Floyd recalled. “They were calling out my stats and telling me this is the place I should come. The fans were great. Overall I had a very good visit. Michigan has some of the best fans I have ever seen.”

After the fans were done with their recruiting pitch, it was the players turn. After the Wolverines dismantled the Purdue Boilermakers, many of Floyd’s prospective teammates made it clear to him that he was wanted in Ann Arbor.

“Me and John Wienke laughed the whole game,” said Floyd. “We had a good time. Brandon Moore was there and I had a good time with him too, Boubacar Cissoko is a quiet kid but is a very cool guy to hang out with. If I come to Michigan they will be my classmates, so it was good to get to know them.”

“When I went up there before (in June), I met with Jamar Adams,” he continued. “We hit it off and we had a great time together. This time I came up here I was with Troy Woolfolk, Brandon Herron, and Donovan Warren. Donovan is a real cool guy. I feel like if I went up there, he would be more then willing to help me. He and the guys really showed me some love while I was at Michigan. I didn’t feel like an outcast they welcomed me with open arms.”

Another player instrumental in making Floyd comfortable was fellow South Carolina native J.R. Hemingway.

“Junior is a real cool guy,” he said. “He talked to me about the coaches and about how the weather was not nearly as bad as some people think it is. I know I can play in that weather.”

Floyd’s rapport with the players only enhanced the strong feelings that he already had about the Maize & Blue. The opportunity for early playing time combined with his relationship with the coaches puts Michigan on very strong footing in his recruitment.

“They are losing a couple of defensive backs and I can come in and compete right away,” he said. “I love me some Charles Woodson and Deion Sanders. I had worn #2 all my life until this year. Now I wear #1 so I can be the best at what I do. “

As far as the Michigan coaching staff goes, Floyd gave glowing reviews of all of those he has interacted with.

Coach Lloyd Carr - “He is a great guy. Every time I see him he gets better and better.”

Coach “Soup” Campbell - “He is just a great guy outside of the game.”

Coach Ron English – “He looked at my jacket and told me that the colors that I had on were from his high school. I like Coach English. He makes sure that he gets the best out of his players. He just knows how to come at the players different to make them play well. He does not settle for anything.”

Coach Vance Bedford – “He can tell me what I need to do to get to the league. The fact that he coached Charles Woodson lets me know that. He told me when Charles came to Michigan he was a running back and switched over to corner. On his first day coach said Charles didn’t know how to back peddle but by the second day he could. That let’s me know he can get me to be the best I can be. I feel that I can laugh and joke with Coach Bedford, but at the same time be serious when it is time to play football. I want a coach like Coach Lewis (an assistant football coach at his high school and also his position coach). Coach Bedford is similar to coach Lewis.”

Currently Floyd is considering offers from Michigan, Maryland, N.C State, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Lately the Miami Hurricanes have been inquiring about his services. With no plans of making a decision anytime soon, he will take his time analyzing what all of the programs have to offer. His Michigan analysis will include a third visit to Ann Arbor. He plans to make his way back to the Great Lake State the weekend of December 7th.

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