New Jersey Ath Dorien Bryant Wants to Visit U-M

I (Sam Webb, aka BlueSam) had the pleasure of interviewing Anthony Barchuk, Head Coach of Kingsway Regional High School (Swedesboro, NJ), regarding his star pupil… the 5-11 170lb. speedster, Dorien Bryant.

"Speedster" is the only way to describe a kid who can run an 10.35 second electronically timed 100 meters. We have been keeping tabs on this young man since Michigan's recruitment of Ryan Grant a few years ago. At that time, Dorien and Grant played on the same team at Don Bosco Prep in New Jersey. Dorien was so good as an underclassman that he forced Grant to split time with him. As a matter of fact, many were saying that Dorien was the top back on that team. It was widely speculated earlier this in the recruiting season that Dorien would be an early commit to Boston College. That, however, has not come to pass. Coach Barchuk indicated that Dorien would definitely be taking official visits. And they want one of those visit to be to Michigan! Here are the significant portions of our Q&A session.

SW (Sam Webb): Dorien is described as a player having blazing speed. That trait, of course, allows him to be used at a number of positions. Where are you using him on the field this year?

AB (Anthony Barchuk): In our high school set here, we use him as our running back.

SW: Running back! Everyone talks about him as a wideout! Is he pretty good between the tackles?

AB: Yeah, he's pretty good anywhere. He's like 6-0 and a buck-seventy, so a lot of guys don't think he'll be able to take the pounding in the Big 10 or anything. They project him as being one of those A-backs. But for our purposes….we're going to give him the ball as much as we can.

SW: So, he's not one of those track guys playing football?

AB: Oh goodness, goodness, no! It's funny you should ask that. The way I've been describing his is, he's not a kid that can run fast who plays football. He's a terrific FOOTBALL PLAYER who's fast.

SW: Do you use him any on defense?

AB: We use him some at free safety. We try to give him a blow whenever we can on D. We use him mostly in nickel packages.

SW:A few years ago Dorien played at Bosco Prep with Ryan Grant. At that time many thought that Dorien was the better player. Did you see Grant play, and who do you think is the better prospect at the same level of development.

AB: Yes, I saw Grant. Let me tell you what…Dorien is as good as ANYBODY!

SW: How is he doing in the classroom this year?

AB: He's doing ok. He goes to class and does his work.

SW: Does he have a favorite or a top 5?

AB: To be honest with you, I know he likes you guys (Michigan), NC State, and Boston College. Those 3 schools are right up there. He's trying to decide about Penn State too.

SW: Do you know if he has any official visits set up?

AB: No, I don't.

SW: Who is Dorien's Michigan recruiter?

AB: Yeah, it's the quarterbacks' coach, Scott Loeffler.

SW: Do you think that Michigan will get one of his official visits?

AB: Oh yeah! I DEFINITELY think so. He really wants to come and check out the Big House!

"Go Blue Wolverine" (Wolverine Insider) hopes to get a hold of Dorien himself very soon.

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