Postgame: Carr's Quotes

On Hart and Henne, Brown and Minor ... on the U-M defense ... on Mesko and the fumbled punt by the Illini ... on the trick play for the go-ahead TD ... Coach Carr speaks after the game.

On Carlos Brown:

"It says a lot for our offensive line ... those guys have done a great job all along."

"He (Carlos) was ready for his opportunity, and he delivered."

On the Michigan defense:

"The first score was a result of our kicking game. We gave them great field position ... (Then) Illinois gave us a new scheme, and they hit the pass."

"They had one drive of 90 yards. Other than that, our defense adjusted well to the speed of the game. We have trouble simulating the spread offense (in practice) for our defense because we don't run it. A lot of it is adjusting to the speed of it in the game."

On Henne's injury:

"He could not play there for a while. At the half we were just hoping he'd be able to return at some point. That was up to him, on how he felt. He was the only guy who knew when he could go in."

"It was his decision (to come back in). Was he healed? I don't think so. He played with a lot of discomfort. He proved what he's all about."

On the 4th quarter Illinois punt-fumble, and the trick play on a fake end-around from Arrington to Manningham:

"First of all that was a great punt by Zoltan. He's really learned to do all the little things. With the wind at your back, a lot of times you're going to kick it into the end zone. It was a great punt, a very difficult punt to catch -- I wouldn't have wanted to catch that punt -- it was real high with lot of spin on it."

"It was a great call by Mike Debord on that (trick) play. Have a guy throwing the football who almost never does ... but it was perfectly executed. Was a big play because we'd only gained a yard on first down."

"You practice them (trick plays) when you first start out, but that's a long time ago ... you try to get the execution of it, so that when you do run it there have been enough repetitions that everyone has confidence in it."

On K.C. Lopata::

"KC Lopata has been outstanding. He gave us a lift when we need it."

On Hart's injury:

"It's the kind of injury that is day to day. I has improved significantly from what it was a week ago. I honestly didn't know if he'd get cleared to play. He wanted to play this (Saturday) morning. He'll be back as soon as he can."

On Brandon Minor and Carlos Brown:

"Brandon Minor didn't practice on Tuesday. I thought last week after the game that his injury might be worse than Mike's. He came back and practiced on Wednesday. He called me at home Monday night and said he was going to play."

"What Brown did was special. He had the broken hand that really set him back, then when he did get in early in the season he had a couple fumbles -- and he was down about that. But we were just seeing if he could play (with a cast) and I told him, "It's not your fault." Today he came and there and really gave his team a lift."

On the review that led to the overturned incomplete-pass call and U-M's first TD:

"I waited until the clock ran all the way down ... I didn't want to do it (challenge the play) because you only get one challenge in college football. I'm glad I did it."

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