Coach Says J.T. Floyd "Special"

When you listen to J.L. Mann high (Greenville, SC) assistant coach Clarence Lewis talk about his star pupil, cornerback J.T. Floyd, you get the feeling that he knows something that everyone else doesn't. GoBlueWolverine caught up with the coach recently to discuss many of the traits that he feel makes the youngster special.

Question: What makes J.T. Floyd such a good corner?

Coach Lewis: "Well it is because he has great hips and he can cover. He plays the bump and run very well and he is physical. J.T. comes up hard to stop the run. One of his most impressive plays came when he was defending a guy that was around 6’3 that played for Mauldin high (Kevin Garnett’s old high school, when he was living in South Carolina) and he was about 5’10, 5’11 as a sophomore. They both went up for the ball and J.T. tipped it as he was falling down and intercepted the ball. That play in that game was a game changing play. He is a competitor, but is not an arrogant kid. He's just very confident in what he can do. J.T. is the best in our program period. I believe that he can be a Deion Sanders type. I think he can be that kind of player."

Question: It appears to be a real trust factor with you and J.T.

Coach Lewis: "I do trust in him. I put a lot of faith in him on the field. When he is out on the field in a game, I know that he is going to check us into the right defense. J.T. is a master at reading what is going on out on the field. The young man is our other coach on that football field, and we trust him a lot out there. He is a very cerebral kid... very smart. Now you add to that his physical tools, he is putting it all together."

Question: Your junior varsity team is undefeated and you give him a lot of credit for the secondary why?

Coach Lewis: "Well because he is out there teaching our secondary what to do. He will run a route and burn them real bad. J.T. does not do it to make the kids look bad. He comes back to them and tell how to cover. He has taken those kids under his wing and has been tremendous with them. We have three or four kids that are going to be really good in the next few years and he has had a lot to do with that."

Question: What type of coach will he need when he goes to the next level?

Coach Lewis: "He needs to be challenged. He wants to sit down and talk and look at film with his position coach, just like he does with me. I can guarantee you that if he could, he would watch film as much as you would let him. The kid just wants to be the best. J.T. would like someone that he can bond with. I will say this... whoever gets him they are getting a terrific player and person."

Question: What do you think about him as a person?

Coach Lewis: "If I could draw a kid up, I would draw one up just like him. I am proud of him as a person more than as a football player. He is a great kid in the classroom. He takes three AP classes. J.T. is just a class act. The kid is one of my favorites; he is a very humble young man who helps other people. He never makes it seem like it is all about him and I am going to miss him when he leaves. J.T. has been great for our program. "

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