Boren Meets with Michigan

Zach Boren was arguably the top recruit visitor at the Minnesota game Saturday. And after the game, he tells GoBlueWolverine, he had an interesting meeting.

Zach Boren has grown up with Blue blood, with his dad Mike having been a 3-year starting linebacker for Bo Schembechler at U-M from 1981-83, and with older brother Justin currently starring on the Wolverine offensive line. In fact, legend has it that it was younger brother Zach who helped talked Justin into picking Michigan over OSU.

Now it's starting to be Zach's turn for the recruiting spotlight. He worked out at linebacker at the U-M Camp this summer but came away without an offer. But this season for the undefeated Pickerington South football team (in the Columbus suburbs) he is averaging over 15 tackles per game ... and U-M has taken notice.

After visiting for the Notre Dame in September and subsequently visiting OSU for two games, Zach returned for another visit yesterday to the Big House for the Minnesota game.

And afterward, Zach told GoBlueWolverine:

"I met with Coach Carr and Coach Debord in Coach Carr's office."

"Coach Carr just said that he wanted me, and that that with my family history he didn't want to hear about me thinking about going anywhere but Michigan."

"Coach Jackson (U-M running backs coach Fred Jackson) also told me he wants to be my coach -- that he wants me as a fullback."

Where does Zach see himself playing in college?

"I see myself as kind of a Brandon Graham type of player. He's 6-2 ... I'm 6-1 now and about 250 ... but I'm just 16 ... Justin has grown almost in inch since he's been at Michigan and I'll grow more too."

It should be noted that Zach has been as high as 270-275 pounds.

So ... what is Zack thinking at this point?

"It's too early for me to make a final decision. I want to play baseball too, and I told Coach Carr that."

"So there are still some things to work out."

Zach is as good or better a baseball prospect as a footballer ... on the baseball diamond he's a heavy home run hitter.

For now, it's the playoffs that are primary for young Boren.

"We're 10 and 0 and starting the playoffs this week. I'm playing linebacker this season and so far and I've got 153 tackles, 1 interception, and 11 forced fumbles."

"I also play fullback in short yardage and goal line situations, and have 195 yards on 42 carries, and 2 touchdowns. But I'm brought in mainly to block."

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