Telemaque Adjusts Top Three

Long Beach (CA) Poly S Vaughn Telemaque has maintained a steady top three in recent months, but with his visit schedule now kicking into high gear, he has changed things atop his list of favorites.

Long Beach (CA) Poly safety Vaughn Telemaque will be hitting the road for a pair of important visits in the coming weeks. The Oregon Ducks have ratcheted up the recruiting intensity in their pursuit of the talented prospect and they will be first up on the itinerary this month. Then comes his long awaited trip to Ann Arbor to check in on the Wolverines. Telemaque has had to reschedule his Michigan twice already, first due to a miscommunication with his academic coach and then because of a conflict with his game schedule. He may take further visits, but there is a chance the two trips will be his last since a decision could quickly follow.

“I’m going to the Ohio State game,” Telemaque said regarding his Michigan visit. “I just talked to English Wednesday and he was talking about how he wants me to come out there and make sure that’s the right place for me. There’s no rush for me to make my decision right now. I’m going to get out there and see how Michigan really is.”

“I’m going to Oregon this weekend,” he continued. “That’s going to be my second visit. I’m probably going to make it to Rutgers in December and then Boise State or Ole Miss in January if I haven’t made my decision by then. I’m definitely trying to make my decision before the New Year if I can. My parents wanted me to try wait until signing day if I wanted to, but I think I could do it before then.”

Telemaque recently named a top three of Michigan, USC, and North Carolina, with the Wolverines standing out as his leader. Now, however, things have changed. Two of the aforementioned teams remain in their prior positions, but one has dropped off.

“I’d say it’s still same on the top,” Telemaque said regarding Michigan. “I’ve been kind of talking to SC a lot and they’ve been telling me a lot more about their school. Then I’ve got Oregon coming up. The only thing that changed is North Carolina has kind of fallen off the charts, but I’m still interested. But I’ve changed my top three to Michigan, SC, and Oregon.”

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Telemaque in the coming weeks.

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