Cissoko Staying Firm with Michigan

Many prospects enter recruiting process believing that it's all over once they commit to the school of their choice. It isn't until after they've made their pledges that a large percentage of them realize that the pressure often intensifies. That has certainly been the case for Boubacar Cissoko over the last few months. That said, the 5-star corner still maintains his stance as unequivocally blue.

Detroit Cass Tech cornerback Boubacar Cissoko was the first player to commit to Michigan’s 2008 class. After the Wolverines began the year 0-2 he noticed a spike in the attention that he received from former suitors like Michigan State, Illinois, and Tennessee. As the season progressed, so too did the intensity of their recruiting efforts. Add to that the misinformation about the Maize & Blue that has flying in his face of late and you have the recipe for a youngster feeling a lot of angst. Rather than let those feelings get out of control, the talented youngster decided to place a call to clarify some of supposed issues that had been brought to his attention

“I called Coach English and we had a talk,” Cissoko said. “He said, ‘don’t worry. You made a great decision.’ He told me to stop listening to all the people that are coming in my ear telling me bad stuff about Michigan. He said, ‘we are not recruiting you as a nickel back. You are going to come in here and compete for the cornerback spot. He said that I’m going to get A LOT of playing time. He said that I’m probably going to play way more than I think I am.’ “

The conversation was just the reassurance Cissoko was looking for. It extinguished the nervous feelings that had built steam and allowed him to focus on enjoying the Michigan / Michigan State game last weekend. The future Wolverine sounded similar to Mike Hart when asked if he began to worry about his team’s chances once it fell behind 24-14.”

“Not at all,” he said matter-of-factly. “There were like six minutes left. I knew they had the type of offense that could make big plays and that’s what they did. They never give until the last minute is gone, and that’s what they did. Then they won. I wasn’t worried at all.”

One thing Cissoko is worried about is the price he’ll have to pay should he decide to play in the Army All American game this winter. As has been the case for every athlete state of Michigan athlete that has pondered participating in the contest, Cissoko must weigh his desire to compete versus the resulting ineligibility in all other high school sports. (edt note: If Michigan isn’t the only state to have this rule, it is one of a few.)

“I might not run track this year,” Cissoko said, revealing the fact that he is leaning heavily toward playing. “I’d just practice running at school. If I’m in that game…I’m not going to start talking right now… but have your popcorn ready. Trust me. I hope I get a chance to go against the #1 receiver in the country. I want to see where he’s at and where I’m at.”

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