Wolverine Football Injury Report

Football Team Injury Report
From U-M Head Football Coach Lloyd Carr's Monday press conference

• "I want to start by giving an update on our injury situation with regards to Zia Combs. He was released from the hospital last evening, and he met with some of the medical people at the University of Michigan hospital this morning. He is in very good shape, doing very well, and is not in any discomfort. He should be able to get back to class on Wednesday, but that situation worked out very well ... I think that they will look at him for the next couple of weeks to see how he will respond. He is not going to do anything for at least a couple of weeks, and it could very well be that he won't return this season. That of course is something that you have to wait and see."

• "Lawrence Reid was also released from the hospital today [note: he had a blot clot under his arm], and as I mentioned Saturday, he will be out for the rest of the season. His situation is going to be fine, so that is good news."

• On the condition of Shantee Orr and Norman Heuer : "I think they're getting much closer. You get better daily. I've seen some very positive things and hopefully carry on into tomorrow. When you get an injury, you get treatment every day and there's always a point when you cross the line and you're ready."

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