Q & A: Adams Says Composure was Key

After Michigan's 28-24 comeback victory over Michigan State Saturday, senior S Jamar Adams spoke with the media about why the defense struggled in the second half, how the unit bounced back in the clutch, what the win means leading into this weekend's contest with Wisconsin, and more.

Question: It has been a while since a team put three touchdowns on you that quick. Did you start to think that people were thinking back to, “oh no, Oregon.”

Jamar Adams: “Oh no. We do not worry about what nobody else thinks. We worry about what the defense thinks and we knew that we could stop them. We knew that we made a couple of mistakes there. We just had to go out there and keep playing. That is the game of football. You have to keep playing. The clock hasn’t struck all zeros and we fought back.”

Question: In the end what was the talk like from you guys… the leaders of that defense? Was it about finishing? Was it about ignoring the past?

Jamar Adams: “It was just about what our assignment was. Just going out there and playing physical football. In the 4th quarter they came out and they were running the ball really well and we just knew that we had to go out there and execute our assignment, but we had to do it with a little more passion than we were doing earlier in the 2nd half.”

Question: This team has sort of been limping along, hurt, fighting off the ropes and stuff. What does this say about this team that you just keep coming back and finding ways to win?

Jamar Adams: “I think that it shows the character of our leadership and Coach Carr, Coach Debord, Coach English, and our coaching staff. It shows leadership in the captains. It shows leadership with the seniors. This is a team with great character and we just want to continue to fight week after week, fight in practice and just hope for the best.”

Question: Do you get the feeling that Michigan State was getting a little too happy too soon before the game was over?

Jamar Adams: “They were getting excited. Their crowd was behind them. I cannot say happy before the game is over, but of course you are at home. You are against a rival team and you start having some success, you are going to get excited and I think it was just feeding off their crowd and I think that is all that it was.”

Question: What was the difference between the first half and second half run defense?

Jamar Adams: “We came out and did a great job in the first half of stopping the run and I think we might have gotten complacent in the sense that we did a great job on the run. Maybe we thought they were going to come out and try and pass on us a little more. But they came out with a new fire and they really came out and ran the ball really well early in the second half.”

Question: After the offense scored that first touchdown in the 4th quarter and you guys were going out there knowing you have to stop them. What are you talking about?

Jamar Adams: “We are just talking about the game is on us now. That is one thing that we pride ourselves on. Defense wins championships and we were on the field now. We had to go out there and stop the run. We knew they were going to run the football. We knew what our assignments were and now it is just up to each individual man to go out there and execute the assignment.”

Question: What was the talk in the defensive backfield, knowing that you guys go up and they are going to look to pass in the closing minutes?

Jamar Adams: “We got excited. It is a drill that we work every day in practice… two-minute drill. We studied their film. We knew what routes they were going to try and give us and the defensive backs made some great calls, the front did a great job getting pressure and it ended up coming out in Michigan’s favor.”

Question: For the seniors to sweep Michigan State in their careers, what does that mean?

Jamar Adams: “That is a great accomplishment. They are a great team. They have great athletes. They fight extremely hard and a lot of these guys played with them in high school. So it is a great feeling to beat Michigan State… particularly winning two games at Michigan State.”

Question: What does a road win like this mean for you guys knowing that next week you guys have to go to Wisconsin, which is another tough place to play?

Jamar Adams: “It is a great feeling, particularly against a rival team. We are just going to enjoy this win right now. Get back, study Wisconsin. They are going to come out and have their offense and their defense is going to be ready and fired up. We just have got to be ready. I think that you can’t carry things over like we won here, so we can go there and win there. We just have got to work hard in practice and see what happens.”

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