New Favorites for Telemaque?

After months of interviews citing Michigan as his leader, recent reports indicated that Long Beach (CA) Poly safety Vaughn Telemaque had two new teams atop his list. The talented prospect phoned GoBlueWolverine last weekend to give the latest on where things stand. Are the Wolverines now chasing the Trojans and the Ducks?

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“I read (the report listing USC and Oregon as the leaders) too and I guess he was just assuming it was going to be those two schools,” Telemaque said. “I don’t know where he got the favorites from. You know that Michigan is always going to be in my running. I haven’t even taken my trip to Michigan to say that Michigan was out of it, so that was just all false.”

“I still have Michigan… and it’s just like they’re ‘the one’, but I’m saying I don't really have one (i.e. a favorite) right now,” he continued. “I’ve got to go on this trip (to Ann Arbor) and if this trip sells me, then I’m pretty much just done with it. It’s Michigan. Hopefully it’s a really great trip and a great experience for me.”

Telemaque will be traveling to the Great Lake State on the heels of a trip to Eugene, Oregon that really improved the Ducks chances in the race for his services.

“It was a fun place to be for the football experience and stuff like that,” said Telemaque. “The social life there wasn’t really as I thought it was going to be. There wasn’t too much to do other than play football, which is a good thing in a way because it keeps you focused on your main goal, which is school and football. The other thing I really liked about it was the stadium. The Nike apparel was another thing. They had a lot of exclusive stuff that you wouldn’t see on too many other teams.”

With the three schools sticking out so vividly in his mind, the question now is will he still contemplate taking more visits once he returns home from Ann Arbor.

“I might just take some just to take them,” he said. “As far as knowing where I should be, it should be pretty done after the trip. I should pretty much know what I want. I’m pretty sure I’ll know where I want to go after this trip.”

Should he happen to settle on Michigan, Telemaque indicated that he will immediately go to work on recruiting his teammate Herman Davidson to join him in the Maize & Blue. He safety cohort might just be making the trip to Ann Arbor with him.

“I’m not sure,” Telemaque said regarding whether Davidson would definitely be accompanying him on the visit. “I’ve been trying to get my academic coach to give me the info. I know Jurell Casey is not going to come with me, so hopefully Herman will.”

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Telemaque in the coming days.

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