Natural Turf Cut By The Wolverines

Anyone watching the PSU game, either in person or on TV, had to notice that, after a one year hiatus, the turf-divot bugaboo was back. This time the Michigan Athletic Dept. has decided it has had enough.

In his press conference Monday, Head Coach Lloyd Carr indicated that he'd had it with the grass field, saying, "I'm convinced ath this point it is just not possible to have the kind of system that will allow you to play seven or eight games a year on that turf and have it be safe and present the type of footing that you would like athletes to have. We have to look at some other turf options." And the Michigan Athletic Department, which had installed the synthetic 'field-turf' in Oosterbaan Field House a year ago to test the surface, acted fast.

Athletic Director Bill Martin said Tuesday, "I called Lloyd Carr this morning and I told him we were going to have a different playing surface next year, and he said, 'Great!'" Martin added, "We have had soil samples checked at different universities across the country, we have brought in turf experts, and now we are going to make a change."

Michigan Executive Associate Athletic Director Mike Stevenson noted, "There are many new, innovative surfaces on the market today and our job will be to work with Lloyd (Carr) to make sure we have the surface we feel is best for our student-athletes. Let's face it, we tried to make natural turf work, and we couldn't do it."

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