Clayton Richard Planning His U-M Visit

The father of All-American quarterback Clayton Richard from Lafayette, Ind., McCutcheon talked to us in detail about their hopes and tentative plans for a Michigan official visit by Clayton.

Yours truly talked at length Tuesday night with the father of All-American quarterback Clayton Richard (6-5, 225 lbs., 4.7 in the 40, 4.0 GPA/1340 SAT) from Lafayette, Ind., McCutcheon.

We asked him whether he and Clayton are going to 'anywhere' this Saturday.

"We are going to the game this weekend, at Purdue."

Has Clayton scheduled any official visits yet?

"Clayton has not scheduled any official visits. But we've told Michigan that he is definitely coming there for an official visit. He does not have a top five, but Michigan is one of the top ones. Let's just say he's extremely interested in Michigan."

"Clayton wants to take his official Michigan visit during the season. It will be hard for Clayton to schedule official visits because of his schedule - he goes right into basketball after football. But we want to get Michigan in. We want him to spend a whole game day with the team. He'll have his own game Friday night of course, so he'd come to Ann Arbor on a Saturday morning and stay until Sunday night. Coach Moeller and Coach Carr will talk to us and tell us what game they'd like him to come to."

"We are very comfortable with Michigan, with the coaches, with the school. So this visit will be Clayton seeing 'what it is about' for himself. His mom and I are not even going. Clayton's the one who'd have to make decision to be there for four years."

"Coach Moeller came and watched Clayton play a couple weeks ago (on Michigan's bye-week). Moeller said he couldn't believe how well Clayton was seeing the whole field."

Are there any other schools Clayton will take an visit to for sure?

"Colorado is one, UCLA, Purdue ... Indiana and Illinois ... Clemson, LSU, Stanford. You see, it's not narrowed down to five. We're waiting to see how things are panning out with these schools."

How is Clayton's season going so far?

"The team is 8-0, #1 ranked in the state (in 4A, large school classification). They have clinched their conference. Clayton is averaging 250+ yards a game, on only 20 pass attempts (60+% completion rate). He's thrown 22 touchdowns and only four interceptions. He's been nominated to play in the US Army All-Star game."

Richard's best rating is from, where is is listed as the #90 prospect. Richard is also a potential high pick in the baseball draft (as a pitcher), and this holds down his otherwise top-50 rating.

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