Tale of the Tape: Conversions, Kicking, Misc.

Final Tales of the OSU-U-M Tape: 3rd and 4th down conversions, punting and kickoffs, field goals, penalties, turnovers. And a reminder on Offense vs. Defense Tales. Which team looks better on paper?

3rd down conversions: OSU is tops in the league with a 48.7 conversion rate; U-M is 5th at 44.2%.

3rd down defense: OSu is again tops in the Big Ten, allowing a 32.2 conversion rate; U-M is 4th, allowing 36.5.

4th down conversions: OSU is 3rd in the league, making 7 of 11 4th down conversions. U-M is 11th, making 5 of 13.

4th down defense: U-M is 5th in the league, allowing a 50% conversion rate; OSU is 9th, allowing 66.7%.

The Conversion Edge: OSU


Kickoff Returns. Michigan is 10th, averaging 18.4 yards per kickoff ... but don't worry, OSU is 11th at 16.8 yards.

Kickoff coverage. OSU is 4th in the Big Ten, with a 43.7 net yardage. U-M is 9th, with a 40.6 net yardage.

Punting: OSU is 2nd in the league, with a 40.0 yard net-average. U-M is 5th, with a 37.9 yard net-average.

Punt returns: OSU and U-M are 5th and 6th in the league respectively, with 9.2 and 8.2 yard averages.

The Return Edge: OSU


Field Goals: OSU is 5th in the conference,making 17 of 21 (.81). Michigan is 9th, making 11 of 17 (.647).

Field Goal Edge: OSU

Turnover margin: U-M is 3rd in the league, with a +5 for the season. OSU is 6th with a +-0.

Turnover Edge: Michigan

Penalties: OSU and U-M are 3rd and 4th best in the league, being penalized 41.0 and 42.7 yards respectively.

Penalties Edge: a wash


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