Cissoko in Holding Pattern

The news of Lloyd Carr's impending retirement announcement has made its way across the country now. As a result, the focus of many Wolverine followers is shifting toward the process of determining who his successor will be. That is certainly the case for many of the Maize & Blue's commitments, including the first pledge to the class, Detroit Cass Tech CB, Boubacar Cissoko.

Despite his love for Michigan, uncertainty about the future crept into the mind of Boubacar Cissoko a few times this fall. The talented cornerback was consistently peppered with talk of the possible change in the coaching ranks in Ann Arbor. After forming such tight bonds with members of the current staff, the quiet youngster worried about the need for a contingency plan. Now that it is clear that there will indeed be a transition at the top of this storied program, a bit of uncertainness has returned. That said, he plans to take a wait & see approach before determining what to do next.

“It is shocking a little bit, but it is what it is,” said Cissoko. “Right now I’m just trying to see who the head coach is going to be. I’m going to see who the new head coach is and go from there. I’m supposed to talk to the coaches Monday.”

The question now is, what does waiting entail? Does it mean he won’t entertain the notion of decommitting before a new coach is hired, or does it mean that he will not even do so much as take a visit before the picture in Ann Arbor becomes clearer?

“Nah, I’m not taking visits because my commitment with Michigan is still kinda firm,” Cissoko said. “I’m just trying to see who the head coach is going to be. If he comes in with another staff then I’m going to have to look at other places. I really like Coach English because he’s a good defensive coordinator. I like the way he uses his personnel and the way the defense play. I like Coach Campbell too. He is my recruiter. I’ve been talking to him for a while now.”

Cissoko insists his next trip will be to San Antonio for the Army All-American game in January. That, however, won’t keep other interested programs from trying to convince him to deviate from that plan. A number of them attempted to do so Sunday.

“West Virginia called me, Tennessee called me, Georgia, and Penn State (Sunday),” he said. “I think other schools are trying to wait until Monday. They are saying that they heard that Lloyd Carr is going to retire and that they are still interested in me and to keep them in mind. They said they would like for me to take a visit.”

Cissoko’s resolve appears strong now, but how well will he hold up if the search process takes longer than he anticipates?

“Hopefully it won’t take a long time,” he said. “If it takes all of the way up until signing day and they don’t have a new coach yet, I don’t know what I’m going to do. All I know is I’m not going to make no moves right now, man. I’m not going anywhere right now. Not until they’ve got a new coach in here and I know about the staff members.

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