Perry Shifts Focus to Recruiting

Detroit King DE/LB Nick Perry put his recruitment on the backburner this year to prevent any distraction from helping his team work toward a state title. Now that the Crusaders have achieved that goal, the 6-4, 225-pounder is focusing his attention on selecting his next team. A number of suitors have already been through his school this week, including Michigan.

Detroit Martin Luther King’s dream season culminated in historic fashion with 47-21 state championship victory over Midland last week, the first ever for a Detroit Public School league team. The catalyst for the storybook run was the dominating season turned in by DE/LB Nick Perry. The talented prospect shattered the state sack record and was recently declared the state’s player of the year by the Detroit News for his excellent play. .

“It feels good to get that state championship,” said Perry. “You’ve gotta love it. The whole feeling, the excitement of the game, everything just fell in place this year.”

“I don’t even know what my season stats were,” Perry continued coyly. “The number they of sacks they recorded was 36, but I don’t know (if that’s really all of them). (Laughing)

Perry will receive his award at the Detroit News Dream Team Banquet on December 12th, but that may not be the last of his postseason honors.

“Yesterday we had an awards banquet and I was talking to Boubacar and he was saying that I had a spot in the All American game in Texas,” Perry recalled. “He said that there is still an opening left for me. I haven’t really heard about it yet, but that has been that talk around here.”

With his season now behind him, Perry is now more willing to concentrate on his recruitment. Coaches from interested college programs have lined up in the Motor City this week to get some face time with him.

“There have been about four or five of them that I have saw,” he said. “First off all, Sunday, Miami came to my house. It went pretty good. I talked to them a couple of times before that. It was pretty straight. Then Michigan came to see me… Coach Campbell. Then Michigan State, and Illinois. Those are the ones that came through this week. Michigan and Michigan State want to come in my home next week.”

For Michigan, the objective has been to assure the state’s top player that he will be a priority for the Maize & Blue regardless of who the head coach is.

“I heard about (Coach Carr retiring) on the radio and saw it on TV, and then I talked to Soup (i.e. Erik Campbell) and (Michigan recruiting coordinator) Chris Singletary about it,” said Perry. “They still want me. They said that there will be a new head coach is coming in and that they wanted me to come to an event to meet the coach.”

There has been rampant speculation about who that coach will be, but it’s not something Perry wants to spend a great deal of time participating in.

“I know about some of the (candidates),” he said. “Les Miles is a pretty good coach. He says he ain’t leaving though. That’s been the talk, but I’m not all about the talk right now. You don’t really know who it’s going to be, so I’m not really looking at it right now. I’m just waiting to see who is going to come in and then I’ll focus on it from there. I’ve got an idea of the places I want to visit, but they haven’t been set up yet. I’ll probably take all five.”

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