Cissoko: Illinois Visit Still On ... Others?

Michigan cornerback commitment Boubacar Cissoko is scheduled to go to Illinois the 7th. There are been rumors that the visit has been cancelled ... is it on or off? And what about other visits? And, the main question: should Michigan fans be worried? Cissoko spoke with GBW Friday late-afternoon.

Michigan cornerback commitment Boubacar Cissoko spoke to GoBlueWolverine late Friday afternoon:

"I'm 95% sure that I'm going to take the visit to Illinois visit. I never told anyone I wasn't."

However, he was quick to add:

"I know I want to go to U-M ... i just want to take the visit because they've shown me some love, and it's hard for me to say no. I don't want to go to school there, I know I want to go to Michigan."

He added about visiting Illinois:

"It's kind've up to my family too; they are supposed to go with me. We have some family in Chicago and we're all supposed to go down there. So right now it looks like I'm going to be going ... its about 95%."

Cissoko has one more visit scheduled - what about that one?

"I'm supposed to go to Tennessee the 14th (of December), but I don't know about that trip. My family is supposed to go with me down there too ... but I might not do that trip."

And he added an interesting point:

"I know I want go to to Michigan ... I've been to these places before ...
-- I've been to LSU ... i went there the summer before my Junior year and met Les Miles.
-- I went to Illinois when Cortez (Smith, his teammate) went down there.
So I've seen them before ... and I know I want to go to Michigan."

One additional school is going to pay Boubacar a visit:

"Florida is suposed to come through next week. Something came up where they couldn't come this week ... they are supposed to come next week. I taked to Coach Meyer about it."

GBW will keep you up to date on Cissoko's travels and thinking process.

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