Tom Lemming on Michigan's Recruiting

The most knowledgable recruiting anaylst regarding Midwest recruiting is, hands down, Chicago's Tom Lemming of Prep Football Report. We talked with him at length a couple nights ago about Michigan's recruiting so far this year.

Tom Lemming and yours truly touch bases now and then in order to fill each other in on Michigan recruiting and Upper Midwest recruiting in general. So the following is not really an 'interview' per say, although Tom knew I'd be typing it up for you, our fellow recruiting fans. Here are some of the many things Tom had to say as the conversation took its course.

On Michigan's recruiting class so far.

"So far so good. They didn't jump the gun early on non-five-star kids this year, which is good." [note: Lemming uses a five-star rating system]

"Will Paul and Anton Campbell from St. Louis are their best kids so far. They promised Campbell he'll come in as a tailback, but he'd also be a great free safety or even cornerback."

"Rivas (PK Garrett from Tampa) -- he's the East's kicker in the US Army All-Star Game this January. He's the best kicker in the South."

"I also like the instate kids (OL Jake Long and LB Jim Presley).

"Adam Kraus is another good one. He will wind up at offensive tackle I believe."

"Sam Keller is good too."

On Michigan's remaining recruits, by position.

[Note: most of the players mentioned below are on our "Best Guess List;" we will point out the home state and town for those who are not]


"Clayton Richard is their their #1 quarterback recruit. Richard was always at the top for them, along with Kyle Wright (from CA; committed to Miami) and Brady Quinn (from Ohio, committed to Notre Dame). Quarterback is their top offensive priority, along with running back."

Running Back:

"Reggie Bush (The Insiders' #35 prospect from San Diego) is their top choice, but Michigan is somewhat of a long shot. Then comes Lynell Hamilton (from Stockton, Calif.; see our "Best Guess List"), who they have a better shot at. They like Lendale White (from Denver, Col.) too, but Texas may be his leader."

Tight End:

"Greg Olsen -- if his brother decides he is happy at Notre Dame ..."

Offensive Line:

"Mike Jones -- I think he may be leaning (to Michigan). He's top notch, he's having a great senior year. He'll play in the pros if he stays healthy."

"Ryan Harris is just as big a priority, maybe even bigger. Next to Ofa Mohetau (from Texas), he's my 2nd best offensive lineman in the country."

"Joe Sullivan is the top offensive center prospect in the country."

"And the fastest rising offensive tackle prospect in the country is Joe Thomas from Brookfield Wisconsin -- he's 6-8." [Note: Michigan has not offered him]

Defensive Line:

"Doug Van Dyke -- Michigan has real good shot."

"Victor Abiamiri -- They really want him, and he will probably visit. He likes Stanford and Notre Dame, and his brothers working on him to go to Maryland (where they attend)."

"Carnell Stewart -- They want him ... you know how things sometimes go down there however ..."

"Defensive end Ray Edwards from Cincinnati -- Michigan got involved with him at little late in the recruiting race, so they are behind Ohio State and Notre Dame."


"Lamarr Woodley -- he's my top defensive player. Michigan has a great shot at him ... you can never rule out MSU, but I kind've think Michigan is the team to beat."

"Prescott Burgess and Shawn Crable [note: both listed here under linebacker since Lemming talked about them in the same sentence] ... for both, Michigan is either tied or they are leaning (to Michigan)."

"Turk McBride - he's a super player, five-star, he's visiting Michigan in December."

Defensive Back:

"Ryan Mundy -- he's leaning (to Michigan), but he hasn't set an official visit yet. He's a great player like Marlin Jackson; he runs a10.6 100 meters."

"The Cleveland Glenville kids. Michigan has a shot at Whitner, but he's not leaning or anything -- he's not leaning anywhere. Of Whitner and Hiley, Whitner is the better prospect in my opinion."

"Leon Hall -- he is coming on this year, he has a January Michigan visit scheduled. He's not quite not five-star guy in my opinion."

"Terrell Brown from Dallas, Texas. Michigan has offered him, but they're a long shot I believe."

On Michigan's remaining class, in general.

'I think they'll find a way to sign eight more of these kids. If (Quinton) McCoy and Greg Cooper make it in, that'll be seventeen. I have to believe they'll find a way to take that many, they always do. "

"All the rest of the Michigan class should be all five-star players. But then, recruiting's a chess game. I hope they go ahead and bring in some kids in January. Michigan doesn't usually bring in enough kids after Christmas, in my opinion."

"Even if they end up at 15 for the class, it could be a top ten class at that size."

"For Michigan this year, the best is yet to come."

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