LSU: The Fastest With The Mostest

A secret U-M/LSU guerilla war has been raging for Miles, and U-M had the edge. However, U-M was properly waiting on the SEC Championship game to offer a contract ... and wanted one face-to-face interview, which certain reservations warranted. So LSU saw the opening and launched a pre-emptive nuclear payload of cash - and Miles made his choice: instead of "following his heart," he's sitting pretty.

That's the short version.

For longer versions ... we can't beat Mitch Albom and (U-M alum) Michael Rosenberg's columns -- the best things written about this guerilla-war-gone-pre-emptively-nuclear.

Click for: Mitch Albom: Instead of Blue, Miles is Green

Click for: Michael Rosenberg: great job of telling the tale.


And to find out what happened at the 11th hour - Saturday morning - specifically, and to comment yourself, go to the GoBlueWolverine Premium Football Message Board, The Tunnel:

Sun TJBlog: Sat Morning - 11th hour actions sealed it

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