Stonum Readying for Michigan Winters

Programs from all over the country have stayed hot on the trail of Fort Bend (TX) Dulles WR Darryl Stonum. The same is true for fellow Texan Sam McGuffie. The two have spoken frequently about their futures in recent weeks and had been on the same page about their plans. Is that still the case?

Any doubt that Fort Bend Dulles wideout Daryl Stonum would be doing anything other than enrolling at Michigan next month has almost completely subsided. The four-star pass catcher reiterated earlier this week his intentions to officially become a Wolverine next month.

“I’m not visiting anywhere this weekend,” Stonum said. “I’ve got to go down to Florida (for the ESPN All-American game) coming up. Then I’ve got to get my finals done early and I’ve got to go shopping so I can get two or three big coats for the weather up there because I enroll in January.”

The constant rebuffs still haven’t stopped the persistent pursuit by other suitors. Stonum’s good friend Sam McGuffie is apparently having the same experience. Even so, the two Wolverines-to-be continue to be on the same page about their futures.

“He’s not going anywhere,” Stonum said of McGuffie. “He just wants to make sure Coach Jackson is still going to be around. We think Coach Jackson is going to be there, so (Sam’s) not going anywhere. Everybody is going to make a run at us. It might seem like he is paying attention, but he is not paying attention.”

Jackson has spoken to the duo as frequently as possible. It is at those times that Stonum mulls over the coaching situation at Michigan the most. Otherwise, he has made it a point to not become pre-occupied with something he can’t control.

“Coach Jackson has been staying in contact with me,” said Stonum. “He was just down here I think last Wednesday. I actually think I saw him twice in two weeks. Other than that he has been calling.”

“I’m not even looking at it right now,” he continued regarding the search. “Whoever they hire to coach is going to be the coach.”

At this point the Texas speedster is much more concerned with finishing out his prep career on a high note. One aspect of that goal calls for him to uphold his reputation as the fastest man at his school. It appears that one of the young whipper-snappers in the area is ready to make a run at Stonum’s crown.

“He’s been going around school telling everyone in school that he is the fastest man in our district,” Stonum explained. “I kind of took that to the heart. So I called him up and we made up some fliers and passed them around school about a little match he is going to have against me on Friday. He is not going to beat me. The funny thing is I think he is going to be a good football player, but everybody is hyping him up a little too much. I’ve got to bring him back down to reality a little bit.”

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