Cissoko Tripping to Tennessee?

For weeks Detroit Cass Tech CB Boubacar Cissoko has been contemplating taking visits to other schools in hopes of building a contingency plan while he waits for Michigan to name its coach. Last week he was slated to travel to Illinois. Now reports have him visiting to Tennessee in January. Will he trip to either place?

It’s a hectic time for Detroit Cass Tech standout, Boubacar Cissoko. His courtship by numerous college programs has reached a fever pitch, he is making preparations to head down to San Antonio to participate in the Army All-American Bowl, and he has also had to take care of his top priority which is competing in a rigorous academic environment at Cass. His family has made a concerted effort to help him juggle all of those things. One of their primary topics of discussion (other then living up to their academic standards) has been Cissoko’s visit schedule. So will he be headed to Knoxville next month?

Tennessee in January?” asked Cissoko’s brother-in-law Terrence Willis. “Nah, not Tennessee. Not that I’ve heard of. Guys will call Boubacar and Boubacar will tell them, ‘yeah, maybe I’ll come.’ Boubacar doesn’t want to tell any of these guys no. You know how recruiters are. He feels a rapport with them and everything is all good, so he doesn’t want to tell them no. But unless he tells me, it’s not happening. He hasn’t told me anything about going to Tennessee.”

Various suitors have discussed the possibility having the five star Michigan commit on their campuses for visits, but according to Willis nothing definitive has been set up with any school at this point. After postponing a previously scheduled visit to Illinois, plans to trip to Champaign may be permanently on the shelf.

“Illinois…the last thing (Boubacar) told me was Illinois was acting like they were mad at him because we didn’t go down there when they had a big recruiting day,” Willis said. “But like I told you, I couldn’t make it. I had training that Monday in Vegas and then I had stuff to do with my older son on Friday, so we couldn’t make it. But it is what it is.”

“The only school we’ve really had any serious conversation about actually visiting is Penn State,” Willis continued. “But that wouldn’t be until after the All-American game anyway. And even that’s dependent on what happens with Michigan by then. If Michigan has made a decision and they’ve got a coach, then fine, we probably won’t even go to Penn State.”

GoBlueWolverine will have more on Cissoko in the coming weeks.

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