Demens Believes in Rodriguez

When Michigan named Rich Rodriguez its new head coach, Detroit Country Day linebacker Kenny Demens' days of worrying about his college future immediately ceased. The speedy athlete is once again firmly on the side of the Maize & Blue and is hoping he can help convince one of the nation's big timers to join him.

Feelings of nervousness were common amongst many of Michigan’s committed recruits in recent weeks. They were born of the uncertainty regarding who their next head coach would be. Now that Rich Rodriguez has been anointed the new headman in Ann Arbor, the process of getting to know him is the next step in the process for most of them. For some, however, that process started long ago.

Detroit Country Day linebacker Kenny Demens was previously a West Virginia recruit and was offered by Rodriguez when he was head of the Mountaineer program. Now that “Rich Rod” is coming to Michigan, Demens has put the uncertainty about his future to bed.

“Rodriguez… you can’t go wrong with that right there man,” a happy Demens said. “He puts programs back on the map. I was interested in West Virginia and their coaching staff. I like it. I’m not taking other visits. I’m good.”

Demens was quietly rooting for Rodriguez to get the nod when he first learned of his candidacy last week.

“(Last Friday) Rodriguez had the interview with Michigan and around the same time that was going on Coach Moeller gave me a call,” Demens recalled. “He said that the interview went really good and if it was going to be Rodriguez that it was going to happen within 48 hours if it was going to happen at all. I kind of got excited. I just had this fear that Les Miles was going to be the coach and he was going to bring in his staff. I didn’t know anything about them and they didn’t know anything about me. It was kind of a safe feeling when Coach Rodriguez got it. ‘It was like ‘I’m good. I can chill.’ Then there’s the fact that he is energetic and I like him.”

Demens has made it a point to share his opinions on Rodriguez with his fellow commitments and the youngster believes that the class will stay in tact. As a matter of fact, they’ve discussed teaming up in hopes of adding a major piece to their 2008 puzzle.

“Those boys are trying to get Terrelle Pryor like crazy,” Demens said. “Brandon Moore was the one who gave us his number. I ain’t mad it. I’m with it. It was Brandon Moore, Mike Martin, Christian (Wilson), J.B. (Fitzgerald). I haven’t talked to Sam yet, but everything is all good though.”

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