Former Asst. Rec. Coord. Ouimet's Purdue Wrap-up

Recently-retired recruiting coordinator Bobby Morrison's assistant recruiting coordinator his last four years was Mark Ouimet, who in April 2001 was named by Tom Lemming as one of the nation's top ten assistant recruiting coordinators. When Morrison retired, Ouimet also decided to move on to other ventures. Last week Mark gave us his 'bottom line' preview of the Purdue game. How did he do?


This was a good road win, in a historically difficult place to play. This was Coach Carr's first win at Purdue, which I didn't realize before.

Keys to the game

As we noted in our pre-game interview, the team that scored first won. It was important to get the lead, important that we did not trail. And we also noted that it was important to get 146 yards running (the team rushing average this year) ... they got 149. Braylon Edwards had no touchdown catches, which I thought might be a key, but Chris Perry did score.

Defensively, Michigan made great adjustments stopping the run in the second half. 'Rushing three' [three down linemen] was a good idea against Purdue -- that closed lanes quickly, both against passes and runs. The defense also got good pressure, which was important; Shantee Orr had a sack, Victor Hobson three tackles-for-loss.

Play of the Game

The reverse to Bell for the touchdown in the fourth quarter was definitely the play of the game. That was a good call by Malone - the right call at the right time. Purdue's backside ends were chasing the ball all day. That play went for 34 yards.

Players of Note

Navarre had 271 yards passing, a career high. In my opinion this shows what great job [quarterbacks coach] Loeffler has done -- in getting John mentally prepared. Navarre made good decisions; attribute that to Scott Loeffler. Loeffler is a great coach.

Ronald Bellamy had his second straight great game. With defenses focusing on Braylon, this has opened things up for Bellamy, and he has stepped up.

Bennie Joppru's two catches were both key catches.

Lesueur played the best game of his career. He made eight tackles. And a lot of his plays came on third down. He's really coming in to his own. And the timing is crucial with Zia out. [Pub. note: is it possible that either Lesueur or Combs could play safety next year?]

Hobson played another great game.

Having Shantee [Orr] back helped tremendously.

Adam Finley did a good job punting.

Marcus Curry stepped in well for his brother Julius as punt returner: he had three returns for 32 yards.


No one won the kicking game, which we had figured. The only thing I might have done differently was to actually try to kick a couple of those fake field goal attempts. But then I wasn't at practice all week watching how they were doing.

Purdue won time of possession. Also Brandon Kirsch was a surprise starter, and he did a great job. Purdue made a mistake to take him out in the second half. He's a 'Purdue type quarterback', a scrambler who can run the ball, and who can complete short passes. That long fifteen play drive by Purdue in the first half was outstanding.

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