Rich Rod Provides Answers for Stonum

For the past week, many of the Michigan commitments have had questions about how they fit into the Rich Rodriguez's system. For the last couple of days the new Maize & Blue headman has made it a point to answer many of those queries. One of his first contacts was with Fort Bend (TX) Dulles WR Darryl Stonum. Is the talented pass catcher still firmly on board?

When Rich Rodriguez addressed the media at his introductory press conference last Monday, one of the points he made sure to emphasize was that there are a lot of misconceptions out there about his offense. As it turns out, he would later have to provide the same clarifications to a host of recruits. One of those commits was Fort Bend (TX) Dulles WR Darryl Stonum. The four-star speedster had been wavering about his pledge in the immediate aftermath of the hire.

“I was asking the questions and he was answering them,” Stonum said regarding his conversation with Rodriguez. “I had heard all of this stuff about him recruiting a speed quarterback and making it an option type of offense and stuff like that. I wasn’t about to be just blocking all day. I’ve got too much talent to just be a blocker. He said that the quarterbacks that we have now are pass oriented quarterbacks. He talked about how he ran the offense at Tulane with Shaun King. He was telling me about Chris Henry and all of the past 1000 yard receivers he had. He told me his offense was basically like that because of Pat White.”

“I’m good now,” Stonum continued. “Coach Rodriguez straightened out most of it. I just wish Coach Soup could be my receivers coach. That’s pretty much the only problem. But hey, I know it’s a business. What happens happens. That’s why I’m not too down. I’ll get over it.”

Stonum is still holding out hope that Campbell will be rehired. A conversation he had over the weekend made him feel like there is still a chance.

“Coach Jackson called me (Sunday) and he said he is going to stick with the running backs,” said Stonum. “I don’t know who is going to coach receivers yet. Coach Jackson said that (Rich Rodriguez) might hire some of the coaches back, but he doesn’t know which ones. (Coach Rodriguez) just told me that he was going to try to get one of his receivers’ coaches to come, but he didn’t want to jeopardize his status as a head coach of where he is right now.”

Despite the uncertain status of the assistants, Stonum is still planning to enroll at Michigan this winter after he competes in the ESPN Under Armour All-American game. Stonum is one of four Wolverine commitments participating in the game (along with Dann O’neill, Brandon Moore, and Christian Wilson). The game will air live on January 5th at 2 p.m. ET on ABC.

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