Michigan vs. Florida; Big 10 vs. SEC

Two different styles of football will meet on the field when the No. 12 Florida Gators meet the Wolverines in the 2008 Capital One Bowl. What are on the team's minds as they prepare for their last football game of the season. What did Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow have to say about a team that once recruited him out of high school.

When the Wolverines meet the No. 12 Florida Gators in the 2008 Capital One Bowl, it's a match up of two opposite sides of the football spectrum. On one side, Urban Meyer and his Gators and their high-powered, high-octane spread offense. On the other side, Lloyd Carr and his Michigan Wolverines ball control offense.

It's a match up of two programs who have met just once in long-standing history of college football, a 38-30 Michigan win in the 2003 Outback Bowl. This time around, with a banged up quarterback, the Maize and Blue will need a near perfect outing to stop the Gators and all their weapons.

"The most impressive thing is probably their speed. Obviously, they have tremendous speed. But again, they are young and we are going to try to take advantage of that and try and compensate for their speed," said Michigan quarterback Chad Henne.

Due partly to the implementation of Meyer's offense, speed on the Gators offensive side of the ball will play a different role then in the previous meeting. Meeting the Wolverines for the first time since Ron Zook was running the show in Gainesville, Florida wide receiver Andre Caldwell is one of the few who experienced he bulk of the change first hand.

"It was tough to learn the offense. He spreads the ball out a lot more, gets the ball into the playmaker's hands. Just let us go out there confident and make plays and use our ability to dominate the other teams," he said.

"The terminology was a little different. Learning some of that stuff and just how hard practice be sometimes and just the emphasis he put on the wide receivers to go out there and make plays was a big change for us, too."

And how do the Gators see the Wolverines matching up with the 12th-ranked team in Lloyd Carr's final game with the Wolverines? Will the Wolverines be able to move the ball on offense or stop the Gators on defense?

"Well, they're a very good defense. Probably one of the most physical defense we have faced. Probably one of the biggest defenses we have faced. Very well disciplined," Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow said earlier this week.

"They are always in the right spot. They bring a lot of pressure , three-down, four-down pressures. I think their defensive coordinator does a very good job of disguising their coverages and things like that and they play hard. They are going to play hard for four quarters. Winning or losing, they are going to play hard."

And on the defensive side of the ball, former top-level recruit Derrick Harvey sat down to talk about the Michigan offense.

"With the offense, they are well-coached. They are going to run the ball, 30-40 times a game. I mean, they are going to play hard to the fourth quarter. That's it."

Michigan and Florida will meet in the Capital One Bowl on Tue., Jan. 1, 2008. ABC will provide television coverage.

Shawn Crable
Q: Have you noticed any changes in Coach Carr leading into this bowl game?

A: "He is not as uptight as he usually be. He usually kind of keep a low profile practice, let everybody focus, do their things, but he has allowed us to talk a lot more. I mean we have a lot more intensity. He is just standing in the background, looking for energy and competitiveness and things like that. He isn't really going for Xs and Os and the execution of things. He is just looking for us to play hard and enjoy being there and have fun playing."

Mike Hart
Q: How much interaction have you had with (future head coach Rich Rodriguez?

A: "Honestly, this is our team, this is Coach Carr's team. We aren't worried about Coach Rod right now. His team is next year. On the 2nd, this will be his program. Obviously, he wants us to win. We haven't seen him yet here, but I am sure he is going to be cheering for us but he has nothing to do with this team or this bowl game at all."

Jake Long
Q: What has this senior class been through and what would it mean to end your career with a win on Tuesday?

A: "Definitely this season was up and down. It wasn't the way we wanted to go but we have a chance to go out on top and none of us up here have won a bowl game yet, so we have just been really working hard. Let the coaches go out on top, let the players go out on top and let the seniors leave with a win for their first bowl win and last game of the season."

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